Bottoms Up! Increase Bar Tabs with These 3 SMS Text Marketing Campaigns

Bottoms Up! Increase Bar Tabs with These 3 SMS Text Marketing Campaigns

sms text marketing for bars

In September, we’re focusing on SMS text marketing for restaurants. We’ll show you how to increase patronage with just a few simple text campaigns. See, SMS text marketing is a perfect solution for small business owners. It’s affordable and immediate. You can truly grow your business on a shoestring budget, which is always ideal.

Below are three SMS text marketing campaigns that will help you increase your nightly bar tabs.

Bring a Friend, Enjoy Two Free Shots

Let’s face it. If people are coming to a bar, they’re usually looking to have more than one drink. Take advantage of bring a friend specials. Fire out a text reading something like “TONIGHT ONLY! Bring a friend and show this text to claim two free shots.”

Now, if your bottom line can’t handle this type of deep discount, run a buy one, get one special instead. You can always tweak any SMS text marketing campaign to suit your needs, profit margins, and customers. These are just basic message ideas, and can easily be formatted to fit your current situation.

VIP Access to Special Events

Offer loyal patrons early or VIP access to special events. Fire out a message that says “No cover charge for our VIP mobile subscribers, show this text at tonight’s event to get in free.” By enticing subscribers with no cover charge, you’re able to get them in the door. It goes without saying, this inevitably increases total sales for the night.

One Free Drink with the Purchase of an Appetizer

The more they spend, the more you make. Depending on your inventory cost, you can also reverse this promotion, it that makes it more profitable. Send out a text that reads something like “One free cocktail with the purchase of any single order of wings, TONIGHT ONLY, show this text to redeem.”

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