4 Horrible Mistakes That Crush Your Restaurant Patronage

4 Horrible Mistakes That Crush Your Restaurant Patronage

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The restaurant business isn’t for everyone. Honestly, only a select and elite few can really hack the pressure. The fast paced environment amplifies all weaknesses and conflicts, so restaurant owners are always held to a higher standard.

If you’re suffering from a lack of growth in your restaurant business, here’s 4 horrible mistakes you could be making.

1. The food isn’t memorable.

You purchase bulk from a supplier that also works with dozens of other local establishments. Almost everything is premade, prepackaged, and frozen. Homemade simply isn’t in your vocabulary, and you offer no competitive edge when it comes to your menu.

2. Your servers have a horrible attitude.

Your servers have an “anywhere but here” mentality. They count down the minutes until their shift is over. They always seem a bit disengaged, and any little set back causes a complete outburst. Remember, as a restaurant owner, you want to hire people who actually enjoy working in the food service industry.

3. The atmosphere is chaotic.

Your servers always looked stressed out. The kitchen’s constantly running behind. When patrons set foot into your restaurant, they automatically feel stressed. You can cut the tension with a knife, and because of this, you have a hard time attracting return diners.

4. You fail to connect on digital mediums.

You don’t have a Facebook business page. You won’t partner with an SMS marketing provider. You absolutely refuse to collect email addresses. Seeing a pattern? This refusal to digitally link up is hurting your business. It’s preventing you from obtaining new business and retaining current customers.

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