When SMS Text Marketing Campaigns Fail, Take This Advice

When SMS Text Marketing Campaigns Fail, Take This Advice

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When your subscriber engagement hits an all time low, and offer redemption is borderline nonexistent, you must find a quick solution. SMS text marketing leaves little to no room for error. Why? This marketing method is highly personal in nature, and can easily be interpreted as invasive, if not done correctly. Unsatisfied subscribers won’t stick around past one or two irrelevant campaigns. If you’re not meeting their expectations, they will quickly opt out.

Imagine signing up for a mobile rewards club at your favorite clothing store. You hope for exclusive coupons and early access to special promotions. Initially, you receive your opt in incentive as promised. But, beyond this point, the messages grow to be spammy and unqualified. The clothing store sends you one message a week, but they offer little to no value. They discount random products, and provide useless information. As a result, you stop redeeming offers.

The store owner can’t figure out what went wrong. He thinks he’s firing out valuable promotions, but no subscribers are choosing to engage. Although this situation isn’t ideal, it’s all together too common. If you’re a small business owner struggling with SMS text marketing, take comfort in knowing you’re a few small changes from success.

It’s not you, it’s your marketing efforts. Make these quick tweaks, and you’ll be back in business.

Are your offers too specific?

If you own a burger joint, don’t just discount the veggie burger. Make sure your offers are appealing to at least 80% of your subscribers.

Are you creating a sense of urgency?

So you fire out an awesome offer, but you don’t provide a limited window of redemption. Instead, subscribers can just cash in at their convenience. Create a sense of urgency with a 24-48 redemption window.

Are you following initial frequency and value promises?

Did you promise to send out 4 messages a month, but instead sent 7? Or maybe you promised product discounts, and instead just fire out special events announcements. Stick to your original SMS text marketing promises to provide maximum subscriber satisfaction.

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