The Best Way to Retain Your SMS Text Marketing Subscribers

The Best Way to Retain Your SMS Text Marketing Subscribers

Retaining SMS Marketing Subscribers

You gathered tons of qualified and interested subscribers, and for a period of a few months, you experience great success with SMS text marketing. In the back of your mind, you start to wonder “Is this really a long term marketing solution? How can I keep my subscribers interested for the months to come?” This is a pretty common concern, so you’re definitely not alone. In fact, if this thought has even crossed your mind, we know you’re on the right track. Why? The happiness of your subscribers is your main concern.

Here’s how you can continue to offer a top of the line subscriber experience.

1. Continue to send out valuable and exclusive mobile discounts.

Don’t get lazy. You promised new opt ins countless exclusive deals, so continue to make each and every one feel like a VIP. Don’t fire out measly 10% off coupon codes, or offer something that can easily be obtained on another medium.

2. Change it up. Don’t be afraid to discount new products, or offer a bundle deal.

If it can be avoided, don’t send out the same deal twice. You want people to look forward to your texts, and if you continually offer the same old, generic specials, you’ll notice a steady increase in opt outs. Remember, you’re sending texts to a personal cell number, so make sure each campaign reflects this valuable connection.

3. Engage on multiple platforms. 

Invite your subscribers to like you on Facebook, or even include a special reward for those who participate in email capture. If you’re engaged with subscribers on multiple platforms, you can focus on featuring cohesive marketing campaigns, instead of sporadic promotions.

Don’t treat SMS text marketing like just another average communication tactic. Follow best practices, and focus on keeping subscribers 100% engaged. This is easily the best way to immediately and affordably grow your business.

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