Own a Restaurant? Govern Campaign Efforts with These 3 SMS Marketing Best Practices

Own a Restaurant? Govern Campaign Efforts with These 3 SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS marketing best practices for restaurants

If you own a restaurant, and take advantage of SMS marketing to grow your business, there’s a few best practices you simply must follow. Now, we can assume most of you are familiar with the standard best practices that govern SMS marketing. But, taking that into consideration, as restaurant owners, there’s a few more specific guidelines you must follow in order to truly maximize your campaign efforts.

1. Patrons opted in for one reason, and one reason only: to redeem exclusive offers.

Think of it this way. Picture yourself sitting at your favorite restaurant. Now, answer this. Why are you there? Well, to eat of course. That may seem like a silly question, but most of you don’t frequent your favorite establishment simply for conversation. Sure, making friends might be an added bonus, but you’re there to eat. So, keeping this simple fact in mind, offer subscribers menu discounts. Don’t fire out too many event announcements, or even sales on merchandise. That’s not why customers joined your list.

2. Track offer redemption.

Show every single server how to tally up offer redemption. Most restaurants use POS systems, so input a special function within the software that allows you to note an SMS marketing offer redemption. We’ve worked with restaurants before who thought they experienced great success with SMS marketing, but could never be 100% sure. Why? They forgot to track the data. In fact, all the way across the board, this is the biggest mistake we see people make when failing to abide by SMS marketing best practices.

3. In addition to providing value, your offers must appeal to the majority.

Don’t discount one specific, not so popular item on your menu. In fact, doing so will only decrease offer redemption, which then discourages you from using this mobile communication tactic in the future. For example, instead of offering $3 off the half pound cowboy burger, simply promote $3 off all burgers.

Well, there you have it. If you’re a restaurant owner taking advantage of SMS marketing, let these best practices govern your campaign efforts.

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