It’s 2015, Your Online Store Could Really Use Text Message Marketing

It’s 2015, Your Online Store Could Really Use Text Message Marketing

SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Text message marketing for ecommerce sites makes an incredible amount of sense. Operate solely in an online space? Here’s how this mobile communication tactic can help you strengthen your digital influence.

Capture emails from qualified subscribers.

Did you know we offer an easy to use email capture tool? Simply fire out a prewritten campaign to all subscribers, and offer a reward for replying with an email address. Use text message marketing to grow your email list, and vice versa. Always make sure all your marketing efforts are working in a cohesive manner, as this helps you get the most bang for your buck all across the board.

Use our Facebook integration tool.

With one simple click, you can post all text message marketing campaigns to Facebook. But, make sure you don’t completely duplicate the campaign, as this could devalue your text message marketing efforts. For example, don’t include an actual coupon code, but encourage Facebook fans to opt in with an enticing promotion.

Use shortened links in your text campaigns.

Looking to feature a new product? Fire out an MMS campaign, and include a link to the product page. It’s just like email marketing, but simpler and more efficient. Keep in mind, it doesn’t always have to be product links. You can point subscribers to a new blog post, or how to video on Youtube. When including links in your text campaigns, provide a clear pathway and have a desired end result in mind.

Text message marketing is perfect for your online store. Why? Well here’s three obvious reasons.

  • Increase brand engagement
  • Encourage instant offer redemption
  • Build your marketing web of communication

We could go on and go, but why don’t you see for yourself? Sign up for a free text message marketing plan today, and take it for a test spin. Questions or concerns? Give us a call at 1.800.688.6290.

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