A Quick Breakdown of MMS Marketing, and Why You Should Give It a Try

A Quick Breakdown of MMS Marketing, and Why You Should Give It a Try

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So, maybe you’re familiar with SMS, but have yet to understand or tap into the benefits of MMS marketing. Understandably so, as this concept is a bit more advanced, and takes time to master.

So, first things first, what exactly does MMS stand for?

Multimedia Messaging Service. To keep things simple, if you fire out an MMS campaign, you’re including an image with your text. MMS marketing is perfect for restaurant and retail locations, as the product line boasts visual appeal. As a business owner working in these two industries, you’ll have a much better chance at selling your product with an irresistible image.

Why take advantage of MMS?

Well, put yourself in the subscriber’s shoes. It’s 430PM on a Thursday, and your stomach is growling. You’re trying to figure out dinner plans, when all the sudden – BOOM! In comes a text message from your favorite restaurant. They fired out a $5 off any entree mobile coupon, which is awesome. But, on top of that, they included an image of their top 3 entrees for the evening. Wouldn’t that make your mouth water?

How many MMS messages should I send a month?

Is it absolutely imperative that every campaign includes a picture message? No, not necessarily. But, more often than not, we recommend you take advantage of MMS marketing whenever possible. It gives your campaigns that extra boost. It helps sell your product. The picture message peaks your interest, and the mobile coupon seals the deal.

Here’s a few things to note about MMS marketing on our platform.

  • One MMS message uses 3 of your allotted messages. Don’t worry, we’re not ripping you off. It just costs us more to send out picture messages.
  • Only our paid plan users can take advantage of this feature.
  • Your images must follow CTIA compliance, and not portray anything pornographic, illegal, or offensive.

Slick Text is a top MMS marketing provider. Give us a call today to sign up for your free plan.

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