A Go to Shortlist of MMS Marketing Campaigns for Restaurants

A Go to Shortlist of MMS Marketing Campaigns for Restaurants

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SMS marketing is an obvious solution for restaurant owners nationwide. It’s immediate, affordable, and offers a quick return on your small business spend. We always push all our restaurant users to give MMS marketing a try. Are text only messages enough? Sure. But sometimes, a mouthwatering visual really seals the deal, and greatly increases offer redemption. Why not get the most bang for your buck? Here are our top three MMS campaign ideas for restaurants. Once you’ve mastered the techniques below, give your own unique MMS campaigns a try.

Featured Specials

Give those specials a little extra push with an enticing photo. When firing out an MMS campaign, always pair each image with an exclusive mobile coupon. This encourages subscribers to take immediate action, and ultimately, helps grow your business.

Text to Win

First and foremost, text to win contests are a great way to grow your SMS marketing list. Subscribers can easily be swayed with a bit of shiny ball syndrome, meaning the larger the incentive, the larger the return. If you fire out a photo of your homemade pizza pie, and include a text to win one large pizza incentive, you might get a decent response. But, if you fire out this same photo, and instead allow subscribers the chance to win free pizza for a year – now that’s a prize worth signing up for.

Staff Photo

MMS campaigns can help you greatly enhance your brand image. Fire out a photo of your staff hard at work, or even a picture of the team celebrating at the holiday party. You want your restaurant to be more than just food. Use MMS marketing to set an atmosphere and make a lasting impression.

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