3 Signs That Prove It’s Time to Change SMS Marketing Services

3 Signs That Prove It’s Time to Change SMS Marketing Services

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At Slicktext.com, we prioritize innovation and education. Not to toot our own horn, but we focus on empowering customers to experience success with SMS marketing. Some SMS marketing services only care about the almighty dollar, but we’re better than that. We encourage every single customer to learn about the true value of SMS marketing. We make best practice resources readily available, and always push each user to grow a little bit more than the month before. See, with SMS marketing, there is no peak. You can always do better. Your list can always get bigger. We want you to constantly fine tune your current results, and experience long term success with this mobile communication tactic.

If you’re not currently partnered up with Slick Text, here’s three signs that prove it’s time to make the switch.

The learning tools are skimpy.

Does your current SMS marketing service prioritize education? Do they have a learning center dedicated to achieving results? If education is barely a priority, you need to look elsewhere. SMS marketing skills don’t just come overnight. You have to truly invest time and brain space. Partner up with a provider that prioritizes your education.

It’s all about customer service, and not customer support.

If your credit card is declined, by all means they’ll give you a call. But, outside of the me, me, me phone calls, they refuse to offer you actual support. If you’re having a hard time growing your list, you’re on your own. They won’t go above and beyond to help you experience success. They get by with the bare minimum, and don’t support you in your desire for growth.

The pricing options just don’t suit your current budget.

We believe SMS marketing is for everyone, no matter your current budget. That’s exactly why we offer a free plan. We’ll never force you to sign up for something you simply can’t afford. Can you say the same about your current SMS marketing service provider?

Partner up with an SMS marketing service that truly cares about your success. Give us a call today at 1.800.688.6290 to sign up for your free plan.

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