How to Motivate Front Line Staff to Help Your Text Message Marketing Campaign

How to Motivate Front Line Staff to Help Your Text Message Marketing Campaign

employee engagement for text message marketing sign ups

Text message marketing is a great tool for brick-and-mortar restaurants or any business that deals with customers in person to help create customer loyalty and drive sales, but it can be really difficult to launch without the support of your frontline staff. Getting employees to buy-in to your text marketing efforts is crucial to driving customer sign ups. Here’s how you can create engagement with your service staff to help reach your text marketing goals.

4 Ways to get employees excited about text message marketing

Unsure how to get employees on board with new tech features like text message marketing? Any valuable team member will respond positively with the right communication style and positive incentives. The first step is to make sure they understand how text message marketing works, so that they can accurately relay the information to other employees and customers.

1. Create group sign up competitions

A lighthearted company competition can be a great motivator for employees to get sign ups to boost your mass text messaging list. If there are different departments within your business, an internal competition between departments can even double as team bonding exercise. Make sure to clearly communicate the rules of the competition, as well as the larger business objective.

With a text message marketing competition, you can challenge employee groups to add the most new contacts to your text contact list for a prize of a vacation day or special celebration.

Don’t forget:

  • Set specific start and end dates. Don’t make the competition too long. Competitions that are around 10 to 14 days long tend to hit the sweet spot.
  • Use detailed analytics to track growth.
  • Clearly define what it will take to win the competition.
  • Make sure your reward is exciting and something that motivates most of your employees. You can even poll your employees about what their ideal rewards before the contest starts. You could offer winners their choice of several rewards.
  • You could consider setting individual goals in addition to group goals.

2. Track individual progress

Working in a group can actually be hindering to highly motivated individuals. Especially if you have a small staff, you might want to consider making employee participation an individual endeavor. Identify leaders within the staff and meet with them to encourage them to lead the pack. Once your staff sees other people getting excited about the text marketing campaign, overall motivation will likely increase.

Ideas to incentivize individuals:

  • Ask employees what would motivate them to get involved.
  • Make the reward worth their time. Employees need a reason to get excited about the text marketing campaign, so make sure you give them a good reason to do so.
  • Publicly display progress in your business to encourage participation.
  • Send text reminders on a weekly basis. This will keep their responsibility to participate fresh in their mind.
  • Host a fun event where you explain the text marketing campaign to entice people to come learn about the process.
  • Give your employees a measurable way to track their success. A disorganized or unfair way of measuring progress can be discouraging to employees.
  • Offer employees ownership by giving them special keyword to recruit other participants.
  • Lead by example and send out updates of your own progress via email or text.

3. Ask for employee feedback

Employees want to feel like they’re part of something bigger and not just a cog in the machine. Giving them a genuine opportunity to share their feedback on how well your new text message campaign is working can be a valuable exercise for both you and them.

View launching a new program or campaign as an experiment. If you’re being scientific about it, you’ll want to learn about the results of this experiment from as many sources as possible. That’s where surveys, polls and one-on-ones with your staff can come in handy. If you don’t normally hold one-on-ones with your frontline staff they may get motivated by the idea of sharing their thoughts with someone higher in the organization. Not to mention, there’s a lot you can learn from your staff who work with your customers every day. There’s no better way to learn about your business than talking to your front line staff and it’s a win-win because being able to give feedback makes employees feel valued.

One-on-ones aren’t the only way to collect information, though. If you feel some of your staff might be intimidated to speak up, or if you have a large workforce, surveys and polls might be the way to go.

Tips for surveys and polls:

  • Send the survey in a way that doesn’t require employees to download an app, we recommend text surveys
  • Make the survey or poll as short as possible to maximize participation. Ten questions and under is ideal for surveys and polls.
  • Consider whether your employees all speak English. There are many companies that have bilingual or non-English speaking employees. Understanding the rules can be difficult for someone who doesn’t really speak the language. A translator or survey in two different languages could be used to reach all members of the staff if necessary.
  • Contact anyone who hasn’t taken the survey or poll directly. Some employees might ignore or simply overlook them. You can make sure that all employees are aware that they need to take it by keeping a list of who still needs to do so.
  • Offer a designated amount of work time for all employees to take the survey so that they don’t have to complete it in their free time.

4. Set quarterly goals and rewards

Competitions aren’t the only way to get people motivated, good old fashioned progress goals are a tried and true method. Bring your front line staff into the strategic planning for your business by being transparent about what your quarterly text marketing growth goals are.

How to set quarterly text marketing goals

  • Be detailed about the metrics. You can do this by identifying the specific number of people you’re looking to add to your text contact list or by percentage of increased business via the text promotion.
  • Create visuals to help communicate your goals to your business partners and employees. Many people process information visually, and graphs and charts can help.
  • Make sure to set goals that your team is capable of accomplishing. Setting unrealistic marketing goals can result in a lack of motivation from members of your staff.
  • Keep it positive! Create a supportive environment by keeping the text message marketing campaign a fun and exciting challenge for employees.


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