Here’s What Text Message Marketing Can Actually Do for Your Small Business

Here’s What Text Message Marketing Can Actually Do for Your Small Business

Text Message Marketing

You’ve heard whisperings about text message marketing from your small business friends, but aren’t quite ready to take the leap. More than anything else, you don’t really understand how this modern marketing method will help your business. How does text message marketing actually make it easier for you, the small business owner, to grow your venture?

Although we could give you a thousand and one different reasons why text message marketing is undeniably necessary, here’s some of the most common.

Enhance customer relationships.

When customers join your text message marketing list, they expect to be treated like VIPs. They want to receive exclusive offers and be the first to know privileged information. As long as you follow this general rule, text message marketing will definitely help you enhance your customer relationships. Reward them for their loyalty, and they’ll remain continual shoppers.

Increase offer redemption.

You announce offers in hopes of seeing a splurge in sales, right? Text message marketing helps you exclusively communicate this information. With mobile coupons, you will see a drastic increase in offer engagement and redemption, which ultimately means more business for you.

Eliminate communication delays.

99% of all text messages are opened, which means your campaigns will have an impact. Eliminate delays with email communication by adding text message marketing to your promotional mix. On top of that, get in touch with the mobile heavy Gens Y and Z.

Increase brand loyalty. 

The more you interact with subscribers, the more aware they are of your brand. Text message marketing will naturally increase brand loyalty, as subscribers will feel more inclined to shop at your store when presented with an exclusive mobile coupon. When a subscriber is rewarded for his or her loyalty, the loyalty will obviously continue.

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