Keep These 5 Pointers in Mind When Asking People to Join Your Text Message Marketing List

Keep These 5 Pointers in Mind When Asking People to Join Your Text Message Marketing List

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No one likes to get an ear full from a pleading salesman (or woman). Think about the last time you heard an obnoxious pitch. You immediately tuned that person out, right? Now, in relation to growing your text message marketing list, this same rule applies. If you’re a small business owner, you might heavily rely on word of mouth marketing. That’s why these rules are so important.

Follow these five guidelines when asking potential subscribers to opt in.

Get to the point.

Everybody has the same question – “What’s in it for me?” Don’t hem and haw, get right down to the nitty gritty. Tell potential subscribers why they should opt into your list. Open up the conversation with your incentive. Don’t try the whole “Hey, so have you heard of text message marketing?” Instead try “Hey, would you be interested in a 50% off coupon code?”

Keep it casual and conversational.

Don’t draft up a monologue. Don’t switch into sales mode and overwhelm them with a bunch of weird call to actions. Be yourself. If you act like anything but, they might not trust you, or your invitation to join the list.

Don’t make it a high pressure situation.

This isn’t do or die. Don’t force them to say yes. If you’re talking to someone who seems in a rush, don’t take up their valuable time.  If you put too much pressure on your potential subscriber, they won’t opt in. On top of this, you might lose them as a customer, so stay cool.

Accept the fact that some people will have no interest.

After all, you’re asking for their personal cell number. Some people might not feel comfortable giving that away, and that’s completely ok. Accept that, and move on.

Either way, thank the listener for their time. 

No matter the outcome, end on a positive note. Thank them for hearing you out, and bid them farewell [ok, kidding about that last part]. But seriously, these are your customers, so be friendly and respectful.

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