How to Set Up and Use Our Dynamic Expiration Date Feature

How to Set Up and Use Our Dynamic Expiration Date Feature

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A while back, we released an awesome new text message marketing feature. Do you include limited time offers in your auto replies? This is actually quite common, most of our customers do. But, the problem is, what happens when people are opting in at different times? How do you set an offer expiration that is specific to each subscriber and the day they opted in? This is exactly why we created the dynamic expiration feature. It’s a great solution to a common problem. At Slicktext, we’re focused on innovation and education. We want to streamline the text message marketing process, so it’s relatively hands free. Once set up, the dynamic expiration feature does all the work for you.

Fire out an auto reply offer that includes a dynamic expiration date. Don’t worry about highlighting offer expiration, our system will do that for you. Let us show you, step by step, how to set up the dynamic expiration feature.

1. Login to your Slick Text Dashboard.

2. Select the Textwords category in your Navigation Bar.

3. Click settings to edit the auto reply for a specific textword.

4. Make sure auto reply is selected on the left hand navigation.

5. Place the cursor where you want the expiration date to appear.

We recommend putting it directly after your actual offer, that usually makes the most sense.

6.  Then, underneath the message box, hit the drop down menu that says Insert, and select Expiration Date.

7. You must then decide when the auto reply offer expires. This will not be an exact date, rather a set number of days out from initial opt in.

8. You will now see a placeholder in your auto reply, it might look something like {EXP7}. This means that the offer will expire 7 days after the subscriber opts in. 

For example, let’s say a new subscriber opts in on May 26. Your auto reply might read, “Thanks for joining our VIP list! Show this text to redeem 1 free appetizer, expires 6/2. 4 Msgs/Month. Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help. Msg&data rates may apply. Terms:”.

Text Message Marketing

*This screen grab was taken on May 26th, which is why the expiration reads 6/2.

Now you might be thinking, but what if someone opts in on December 2? Will it still say 6/2? Absolutely not. It will say 12/10. That’s the beauty of our dynamic expiration date feature. You set the initial rule, and it does the rest for you.

Voila! You’re finished. Now, wasn’t that pretty easy? Keep in mind, dynamic expiration dates do not work in outbound campaigns, simply because all subscribers are receiving the message at the same exact time.

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