3 Step Campaign Composition Formula for Text Message Marketing

3 Step Campaign Composition Formula for Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Never draft up an off the cuff text message marketing campaign. Always have a plan ready in motion. New text marketing users might wonder “Where do I begin?” If you don’t have a set formula to follow, it could take you three times as long to compose a campaign. Follow this step by step process, and you’ll easily observe better subscriber engagement.

 1. Come up with an exclusive offer.

Make sure your text message marketing offers are always exclusive and unique. Don’t send out a generic offer that’s been done before. Also, never duplicate a current offer. For example, if you’re running a 10% off coupon code for website visitors, don’t give your text marketing list this same promotion.

2. Limit the period of redemption.

Never fire out an ongoing promotion. People sign up for your text message marketing list because they want to redeem exclusive and valuable offers. They expect to be treated like VIPs. It’s your job to meet this expectation. We offer a dynamic expiration feature for this very reason. Insert dynamic expiration dates in your auto reply. This keeps the process relatively hands free.

3. Include a clear call to action.

Once you’ve stated offer and redemption details, finish up with a call to action. For example, “Stop in” or “Show this text” both qualify. If you leave out your call to action, you’ll observe lower redemption rates.

P.S. Don’t forget to promote your list!

If no one knows about it, how do you expect them to join? Figure out a channel that works best for your customers. For example, if your customers are socially engaged, we recommend driving followers or fans to a sign up widget. If you see a lot of in store traffic, make use of flyers or bag stuffers.

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