4 Crucial Elements to Include in Any Text Message Marketing Campaign

4 Crucial Elements to Include in Any Text Message Marketing Campaign

text message marketing campaign

So you want to start a text message marketing campaign? There are many different strategies you can take when it comes to creatively integrating text messaging into your marketing strategy but whatever you do, make sure you incorporate the basic best practices of text message marketing that are crucial for any campaign you develop.

Not sure what those best practices are? Here’s what you need to know to get started

4 Crucial components in a text message marketing campaign

Successful text message marketing campaigns have the same elements in common. Here are the most basic components of a well-planned strategy.

 1. Exclusive offer

Make sure your text message marketing offers are always exclusive and unique. Don’t send out a generic offer that’s not really going to excite customers. Not only will this lower your redemption rates, but it could cause unsubscribes if customers feel reading your texts isn’t really worth their time. You need to create a high-value offer that is given just to your text list. Each text message campaign you send should hold some value for your subscribers. If your customers are willing to give you permission to text them, make sure you give them something worthwhile in return.

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Never duplicate a current offer across multiple channels. For example, if you’re running a 10% off coupon code for website visitors, don’t give your text marketing list this same promotion.
  • Don’t offload leftover inventory, your customers will be able to see through it.
  • Be wary of offering minor discounts.
  • Don’t bombard customers with the same coupon or deal every week. Keep things fresh and exciting.

Remember, if you’re not providing sufficient value to your subscribers, you’ll know it fairly quickly. Keep an eye on your subscriber list — an influx of opt outs might mean it’s time to switch up your campaigns.

2. Include an expiration date

Always make sure to include a time limit to inspire immediate action. People should know how much time they have to redeem the offer so they don’t feel the offer is open-ended.

Helpful tactics to use:

  • If your offer is for a date several weeks in the future, such as a birthday, schedule automatic messages to continue to remind your customers to redeem the offer.
  • Keep track of who has redeemed your offer and when by using custom promo codes and tracking links.

3. Include a clear call to action

Once you’ve stated offer and redemption details, finish up with a strong call to action. Make use of verbs and keep your call to action direct. When it comes to the call to action, clarity is key.

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Try to avoid using text messaging shorthand whenever possible. Not everyone is going to understand your abbreviations, even if you believe they’re commonplace. If you’re running out of room, try sending an MMS message that allows you to include a photo which could convey more.
  • Although it does save valuable characters in your message, using text slang can look unprofessional. You don’t want your text message campaigns to sound like they were hijacked by a teenager, so use abbreviations sparingly unless you’re really familiar with your audience. Your messages should be easy to read by all age groups and levels of tech ability.

4. Time your texts right

It’s incredibly important not to have a “jumpy trigger finger” with your text marketing campaigns. If you’re sending texts too often, there’s a much greater chance that your customers or subscribers will become annoyed and opt out. Also, if you send texts at the wrong time of day you can really annoy your subscribers. Pay attention to how the timing of your texts is going to come across before you send them.

What to remember:

  • You need to find a balance that works for both your and your subscribers.
  • A general rule of thumb for most businesses is to send between two and four text messages per month.
  • Make sure that you’re sending our scheduling your texts to be sent out not only during business hours but when you feel is the most optimum time for them to receive your message.
  • Don’t send more texts than you said you would in your initial auto-reply.

Consequences of breaking best practices

The above components of your text message marketing are really important. They’re not just tips or good ideas but essential to the success of your campaign. Here’s what can happen if you start to leave them out of your text message marketing campaigns.

1. Your SMS marketing list might not grow

If you’re consistently forgetting to adhere to the common best practices of text message marketing campaigns, your list could stagnate, especially if you aren’t offering something that gets customers excited. Even if it does grow, that growth might be largely full of unqualified subscribers. These opt ins might have a half interest in your product or service, if you’re lucky. Word of your poor practice habits will spread, and future customers will have no interest in signing up for your SMS marketing list.

2. You could annoy your current subscribers

You want subscribers to look forward to, and take action on your SMS marketing campaigns. If you fail to follow best practices, they simply won’t. They might not even read your messages, and definitely won’t redeem any offers. The long term effect? Your business just won’t grow. If you want a decent return on investment from your text message marketing campaign, you need to make sure you’re implementing core best practices.

3. Your churn rate could drastically increase

Who wants to be part of an SMS marketing list that doesn’t follow best practices? Chances are, fewer and fewer people. When people start to see that you’re not really offering them much whenever you text them, they’ll quickly unsubscribe. Once this happens, it can be difficult to get them to give you a second chance. You only have one chance at making a good first impression, so be conscious of this and strive to give those on your list an amazing experience every time you text them.


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