You’re Failing as a Small Business Owner, Here’s 5 Reasons Why

You’re Failing as a Small Business Owner, Here’s 5 Reasons Why

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If you recently opened a small business, you can probably attest to how overwhelming the first few months can be. What once started as a seemingly good idea has now turned into a borderline unbearable task. You’re constantly consumed by business related matters, and being your own boss has your stomach tied up in knots. Sound familiar? As a top text message marketing provider, we have worked with hundreds of small business owners, and they usually all approach us with the same struggle. Nine times out of ten, they’re barely breaking even, and looking for an affordable way to launch their sales and business to the next level.

If you’re still reading, we bet you can relate. We’re all in the business to make money, right? But what happens when you see your numbers plateauing, or even worse, declining? As a small business owner, it’s time for you to identify why you’re failing.

1. You possess a complete lack of time management.

Your schedule is chaotic. Every morning, you’re startled awake by your alarm, and this sets the tone for your frazzled day. You don’t know how to prioritize. Writing up a press release seems equally as important as discovering why your checkout abandonment rate has recently spiked.

2. Your daily activities revolve around people pleasing.

A less than favorable customer review can throw your entire day askew [like how I rhymed that there?]. Even constructive criticism turns your stomach, and discourages you from being productive. You never see the glass half full, and expect that people will consistently be unhappy with your product or service.

3. Your definition of success is directly routed in dollar signs.

Sure, making money is important – that’s how you survive. But you use dollar bills to directly determine your level of success. If you’re not making a crazy amount of money within three months of launch, you feel defeated, and ready to give up.

4. You have a do or die timeline.

You tell yourself, “If I don’t make this much money, or get this many sales by this date, I quit.” Your passion is not your business, your passion is the money.

5. You’re a control freak.

You try to do it all, because you don’t trust anyone else with simple tasks. You’re answering phones, shipping out orders, posting on Facebook … the list goes on.

If you’re guilty of these detrimental behaviors, it’s time to nip them in the bud. Don’t let your poor habits ruin the growth of your business.

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