The #1 Secret to High Text Marketing Redemption Rates

The #1 Secret to High Text Marketing Redemption Rates

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If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that text marketing is a great way to increase business and strengthen customer relationships. Follow the rules we set in our text marketing guidebook, and you’ll experience great success with your campaigns. But, there’s one rule that continues to be the most important. This one rule is consistency. Why is consistency key? Think about it. As a subscriber, you’re giving away your personal cell number. You want to see some sort of consistent communication pattern, or else you might feel disrupted or annoyed. What happens when a customer is annoyed? They unsubscribe.

Now, from a sales point of view, customers are more likely to purchase when they’re expecting an incoming offer. For example, why are Black Friday/Cyber Monday two of the biggest retail sales days of the year? Simple. Customers are anticipating these crazy deals. Imagine what would happen if retailers offered these same deals on a rainy Monday in April, with no prior promotion? Sales wouldn’t be nearly as high. In fact, they might be pretty average, just like every other day. The retailer didn’t value consistency, so they lose out. Best part is, they’ll think it was because of the deals, but in all reality, it was because of their lack of consistency.

When you stay consistent, customers are expecting your offers. Not all of them will choose to redeem, but a good portion will. Now, you might be wondering, what exactly does consistency look like? How can you take this principle and apply it to your monthly text marketing campaigns?

  • allows you to schedule your text campaigns in advance. We never recommend sending an off the cuff, last minute message. Special scenarios might apply, but in general, stay away from random blasts.
  • Schedule your campaigns around subscriber pay periods. Also, remember high traffic shopping seasons, such as post tax refund and holiday gift giving.
  • Develop 4-8 exclusive text marketing campaigns. Make sure each offer is applicable to your subscriber.

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