5 Essential Text Marketing Campaign Buzzwords

So you know how text message marketing works, and now you’re ready to fine tune your skills. You understand how to send out a message and review campaign analytics. You even schedule out your campaigns ahead of time, and offer valuable incentives. By standard definition, you’re a text message marketing pro. It’s time to crank it up a notch.

At this point, you’re probably writing your own text marketing campaigns. You send out exclusive promotions to your list of subscribers, but wonder why more people aren’t taking action. Here’s five essential buzzwords or phrases that will help you increase your campaign interaction.


This probably isn’t news to you, but when you use the word free in any marketing campaign, you can say “Jump!”, and customers will say “How high?” People love redeeming free offers, and as long as it’s qualified, they will take action almost immediately. Even if you offer a free add on product with another purchase, you’re still giving your subscribers an incentive to engage with your brand.

Text Message Marketing


Not everyone uses text message marketing as a promotional tool. Some organizations use our service as a internal communications tool. Remind employees about upcoming meetings or administrative changes with one simple text.

Text Message Marketing


If you own a brick and mortar, you know how important foot traffic is. The phrase “If you build it, they will come” does not necessarily apply in today’s competitive environment. Encourage your subscribers to engage with your brand by using this key phrase in your campaigns.

Text Message Marketing


Send out exclusive promo codes, and encourage subscribers to redeem by showing that text when they frequent your establishment.

Text Message Marketing


Text to win campaigns increase subscribers by offering an incredible incentive. Usually, this isn’t your standard buy one get one free campaign. It offers something a bit more valuable. But, because of this, these messages always see high engagement rates.

Text Message Marketing

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