4 Solid Ways to Promote Your Text Marketing List

4 Solid Ways to Promote Your Text Marketing List

So you’ve signed up for our text marketing service, and you’re ready to actually grow your list. You need to find a way to reach current customers and encourage them to sign up. You want to show them what they’re missing out on if they choose not to join. But more than anything, you need to show them how they’ll be rewarded if they opt in.

1. Table Tents

You’ve probably seen table tents in restaurants, and you may have even texted in to redeem one of the offers. These table tents will usually have a call to action plus an offer, as well as an appetizing picture. It could read something like “Text 31996 for a free appetizer with tonight’s dinner”, and show an image of a popular appetizer. In order to redeem this offer, they have to join your list.

2. Social Media

If you own a business, chances are you use at least one popular social media platform. If you don’t have a Facebook business page, we highly recommend you create one. Depending on the industry you work in, Twitter is also a great way to reach current and potential customers in a matter of seconds. Use our popular Facebook integration feature to post your text marketing campaigns to Facebook.

3. Bag Stuffers

Most retail business owners still use bags to package up merchandise for their shoppers. Why not use this as another marketing opportunity? Drop a flyer in the bag, which offers more information about your text marketing list. Keep it short and sweet, this will encourage immediate action.

4. Just Ask

Encourage your staff to tell customers about your text marketing list. Most people are numb to marketing messages nowadays, mostly because they’re constantly blasted with spam. This is why asking proves to be insanely effective. It creates a personalized, face to face engagement. This increases the level of trust, and allows you to tailor your sales pitch to fit each customer.

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