Why Millennials Gravitate to Text Marketing [Infographic]

Why Millennials Gravitate to Text Marketing [Infographic]

You’re probably already aware of just how many people are glued to their phones these days. It’s no surprise that people are using their phones a lot. The biggest mobile users? Millennials. More than any other generation, the millennials are attached to their mobile phones. While average person sends and receives 357 texts a month, the average millennial receives 1752 texts a month. Many millennials grew up with cell phones in common usage so gravitating toward texting is natural for millennials and they often prefer marketing campaigns that emphasize mobile.

Keeping this data in mind, it’s obvious to see that SMS marketing is the way to go when connecting with millennials.

Mobile Marketing and Millennials

Ways you can text millennials

Starting a text messaging program that targets millennials isn’t complicated. Here are some different text messages you can send depending on what your ultimate goal is.

Text-to-win contests

If you haven’t started collecting subscribers to your short code a text-to-win contest is a common strategy many marketers use to drive immediate interest in their text list. It works much like it sounds: create an awesome giveaway that motivates people to sign up for your marketing list. The key to launching a powerful text-to-win contest is having a great incentive, so don’t skimp on the prize.

Send confirmations and reminders

Maybe in the past you were used to getting phone calls to remind you of an appointment or confirm a reservation. Research on communication preferences shows you’ll probably have more success with millennials if you send these reminders by text instead. You can set reminders to be sent automatically so you don’t have to manually text each millennial who is using your service. The automatic text apps available today make it so easy.

Just remember to try to keep text alerts to a minimum so that you’re not spamming the millennials on your list with text messages. A good rule of thumb is to look for ways you can provide value and be helpful, not ways you can advertise. Thinking in terms of “will this text notification be helpful?” can help you decide on what the sweet spot is.

Provide exclusive offers

When it comes to driving sales for your good or service, sending a mobile coupon through text message can be a powerful tool to help ease millennials toward a purchase decision. For example, If you’re offering something that’s time based, such as a lunch special, a text right before lunch hour can sway millennials to visit your restaurant. Many millennials don’t read their direct mail advertisements, and email marketing often gets filtered to spam folders. Since text marketing is opt in only, you know that anyone who is on your text list consented to be there. Since millennials read their texts, sending a coupon this way is likely a better strategy for getting their attention.

Common text marketing mistakes with millennials

Now that you know you want to start targeting millennials with text message marketing it’s important to review some common mistakes before you jump in so that you can maximize your text message marketing efforts right from the very beginning.

1. Lack of clarity in your messaging

Millennials are used to short, succinct messages and they don’t have the attention span or motivation to try to decipher your text if it’s not straightforward. Don’t make them jump through hoops to redeem an irresistible offer. No matter how amazing the promo is, if they have to spend extra time pondering the call to action, they’ll just move on. It won’t be worth it, and they will look for a discount elsewhere, or simply won’t make a purchase.

2. You’re repeating the same offer or promo code elsewhere online

Millennials are, by definition, digital natives. They aren’t afraid to dig around online for the best deal and they’re savvy when it comes to searching the internet. Let’s say you’re head of marketing at a large retail chain. You fire out a text message thats gives all subscribers 20% off their next order. Now, don’t be surprised if these same subscribers surf around on Retail Me Not or another popular coupon site, looking for a better discount. Knowing this, make sure text offers are exclusive to your VIP list, and boast the best reward.

3. You’re forgetting to use pictures

If possible, send an MMS message that includes a photo or graphic. This can go a long way in help you sell your product or service. Millennials are used to visual marketing tactics. Instagram is one of the most popular social channels with millennial users and it’s focused on photo and video sharing. Capitalize on this concept by using graphics and images to complement your copy.

4. You’re not providing value

No matter what age group your target audience is in, it’s crucial to understand that bringing value to your subscribers is the best way to advance your text message marketing goals. That means that your text messages have to be less about you and more about your audience. Don’t think of them as a way to advertise but as a way to make life easier for your customers. When you start focusing on how you can be helpful people will actually want to open texts from your company because they rely on them for a certain purpose. This can help to naturally increase your open rates in addition to your redemption rates on offers you send via text message.