4 Text Marketing Ideas for Your Online Store

4 Text Marketing Ideas for Your Online Store

At Slicktext.com, we heavily feature how to’s specifically geared towards brick and mortar locations. But, as the ways of business grow and change, entrepreneurs are becoming more frugal, and choosing to rely on online  stores to push merchandise. Instead of paying rent on a physical location, store owners usually pay a small web hosting fee every month, and focus solely on ecommerce. This financial flexibility, coupled with the affordability and effectiveness of our service, makes text message marketing the perfect solution for an online store.

Here are 4 great text marketing ideas for your online store.

1. Text for a Unique Promo Code

Most times, brick and mortars will say something like “Show this text for 50% off your next in store purchase“. It goes without saying that an ecommerce store does not have this capability. Instead of doing this, take it one step further and say “Text in to receive a 50% off promo code“. Then, set up an auto reply to include this offer.

2. Connect on Social Media/Subscribe to Mailing List

Use your text message marketing connections to grow your social media following, or even your mailing list. We offer features that allow you to easily build both of these communication channels with just the click of a button.

3. Preorder New Products

If you own and operate an ecommerce store, you know how important product launches are. You can’t just throw something up on the website, and hope people eventually find it. You need to build up anticipation, and have them waiting for your launch day. To help fund new product launches and developments, encourage preorders by offering a discount via text message marketing. Not only does this build anticipation, but it also gives you a great deal of working capital to put towards inventory.

4. MMS/Picture Messaging

If you don’t have a brick and mortar store, that usually means customers can’t see or touch your products in person – at least until they order. Sometimes, this might discourage them from making a purchase, as they may not always trust the image seen online. Use MMS campaigns to snap appealing pictures of your products, and send them out to your text marketing list.

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