4 Fool Proof Ways to Increase Store Traffic With Text Marketing

4 Fool Proof Ways to Increase Store Traffic With Text Marketing

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As a top text marketing provider, we strive to sharpen your small business marketing skills. We want you to experience great results with our service, and see insane growth as a result of text message marketing. Maybe you’re not interested in driving traffic to a website, or increasing gross monthly sales. Maybe you just want to see more people set foot in your place of business.

We can totally help you with that.

1. Bring a Friend

If your subscribers love interacting with your business, chances are some of their friends will too. Send a message out to current subscribers saying something like “Bring a friend to our store tomorrow, show us this text, and get 50% OFF your order.” This is a great way to increase foot traffic, but also make sure it’s qualified and your customers are rewarded.

2. One Day Only Sale

Text subscribers with Flash Sale information. Limit this sale to one day, or even a few hours. You want to make this discount seem exclusive and limited, so request that they show you a text to get the discount, and make sure you have an expiration time/date.

3. Event Sign Up

If you frequently have in store events, you’re probably sick of estimating how many people you think will show. Have subscribers sign up for an event in advance. That way, you know how to prepare, and can give your guests the best experience possible.

4. VIP Party

People signed up for your text marketing list because they want to feel exclusive. They want to take part in special discounts that are denied to the general public. Reward your subscribers for their loyalty by holding monthly events that cater specifically to their needs. This will foster positive customer relationships, and encourage them to frequent your location more often.

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