How to Know When to Destroy Old Marketing Tactics

How to Know When to Destroy Old Marketing Tactics

When to Destroy Old Marketing Tactics

If you work directly in marketing, you know that not every idea is always a money maker. Sometimes, you can sink thousands of dollars into a campaign, only to come out on the losing end. Instead of continuing to throw money at a tool that isn’t performing for you, or giving you any return on your original investment, learn how to know when to abandon ship.

At, before we completely axe a campaign, we usually ask ourselves three questions.

1. How much money have we spent on this campaign?

It’s tough to say, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to money. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a campaign when you only anticipate to get hundreds back. Keep close track of how much you spend on your advertising initiatives, don’t just punch in your credit card and let the rest run itself.

2. How much money have we gotten back as a result?

You will need to pull up analytics to answer this question. For example, when investing in a new ad campaign, we usually analyze how much traffic we’ve gotten from that ad. If we spent $200 on an ad, and only got two new leads from it, then usually that means the ad wasn’t worth it.

3. Is there a better way to do this?

Say you spent $100 on an ad campaign, but got $150 back. Technically, you could think that was a successful campaign. But, always ask yourself if there was a better way. If  you could tweak this ad, and instead of getting $150, get $300 back, then why not makes these changes? Always go with the option that will give you the most return. After all, that’s what advertising is all about.

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