How Content Marketing Can Increase Brand Loyalty

How Content Marketing Can Increase Brand Loyalty

brand loyalty through content marketing

Creating customer loyalty is a huge component to growing your business. While it takes a lot of work and money to attract new customers to your business, often times companies neglect to put the same effort into inspiring their customers to keep returning. There are a lot of ways you can build customer loyalty but one cost effective way is through content marketing. The content you produce as a brand is powerful, and can result in continued loyalty from your consumers. Here are some ways to produce the best content for building brand loyalty.

5 Ways to use content to build loyalty

Whether it’s through your blog, Instagram, Facebook or mass text messaging apps, what you say to customers and how you say it can be a strategic tool to make them want to keep coming back to you.

1. Be authentic

With an overwhelming amount of choice at our fingertips, the internet is an increasingly competitive sphere. Consumers can tell when your content is authentic, so make sure that your brand’s mission statement aligns with the content you’re putting out. Is your brand centered around natural beauty? Feature what natural beauty looks like without a filter on your social media pages. Does your brand have a strong foundation in being environmentally conscious? Give your audience updates on what you’re doing to better the environment. If you do your best to make your content authentic, your audience will recognize your brand for doing so.

2. Take action with social responsibility initiatives

According to a recent study, 81% of consumers stated that they would make personal sacrifices to address social and environmental issues. This being said, the expectation for brands and companies to do the same is rising. Whether your brand is established or just getting started, there are always ways to give back with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to show your consumers that you care. Take the entire office out for a day of volunteering, pledge a portion of proceeds to a cause or simply post about a social or environmental issue that applies to your brand. The content that you use from this experience can be used to tell the story of what your brand cares about and why. Let customers know your company is made of real people with real concerns about the world.

3. Take advantage of earned media

Earned media is any publicity your brand gets through word-of-mouth either online or in person. Basically, it’s any placement your brand receives without paying for it. Earned media can be extremely valuable as an organic way to get brand recognition and increase back links to your website. Loyal consumers will spread the word about how amazing your brand is on their social media channels, which automatically gives your brand new impressions. Build loyalty by giving your consumers exciting news to talk about, like special offers and innovative marketing campaigns.

Pro tip: Need a DIY earned media solution? Try submitting quotes to HARO writers to be used as an expert source. If your quote is chosen the author will usually link back to your site or tag you on social media.

4. Make it personal

Whether you’re sending text notifications, making social media posts or offering your consumers special offers, personalizing the message usually gets the best response. Including small personal details like names show people that you notice and care about their business, which will make them feel valued in turn. Don’t be afraid to make your messaging personal, as your consumer loyalty can only benefit from adding personal touches.

Pro tip: When you’re thinking about how to personalize blog, podcast or social media content don’t overlook the advanced location targeting opportunities that allow you to tweak your message based on where your listeners or viewers are.

5. Recognize loyalty

Once you’ve established your brand, it’s important to recognize your supporters and reward their loyalty. This could come in the form of social media posts highlighting valued members of your brand’s community, offering special discounts to followers or hosting an event to celebrate a company milestone with loyal consumers. Recognizing their contribution to the success of your business can be a fun opportunity to celebrate how far you’ve come as a brand. Giving them credit shows your audience that your brand values their attention and continued devotion.

Pro tip: If you don’t already have a loyalty rewards strategy in place, it’s simple to set one up digitally. Loyalty rewards can be combined with a business texting service to track and communicate with loyal customers.

Tools to supplement your content marketing strategy

When you think of content marketing you’re probably thinking of an online blog or a social media campaign. But that isn’t the only strategy you can use to build customer loyalty. Combine a strong traditional content marketing strategy with some of these other tools to create an engaged customer base that’ll become your brand evangelists.

1. Contests

Utilizing the competitive nature of contests is a great way to engage your current audience and attract new consumers. Text-to-win contests are a great example of strategizing your marketing to be more interactive. Try launching a contest-based campaign across social media platforms to get your audience excited about a new product or upcoming company event.

2. Personalized reminders

You can message a large contact list reminders and still make them personal. In an increasingly individualized market, personalizing notifications is a great way to appeal to your audience. If they see their own name in a notification, consumers are more likely to open it. According to a recent study, 77% of consumers expect a personalized experience from online retailers. This same idea applies to something as small as a notification or reminder as well.

3. Exclusive offers

Who doesn’t like to feel like they have access to exclusive offers? Make your current campaign more exclusive by offering it to a select number of your consumers. Offering exclusive discounts and deals maximizes the impact and makes the campaign worthwhile to both consumers and your brand. Try offering an exclusive offer to people on your text contact list, as it will encourage others to join.

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