Top Five Holiday Marketing Faux Pas

Top Five Holiday Marketing Faux Pas

It’s the holiday season, and as a small business owner, you want to spread cheer to your customers without being annoying, obnoxious or offensive. At, we’ve seen many holiday marketing faux pas, and even committed some ourselves. After many lessons learned, we picked out the top five seasonal advertising no nos. Santa, our only wish this year is to make these stop.

1. “Merry Christmas!” – It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Although some people like to hear or read the words “Merry Christmas”, others take great offense to this statement. Play it safe and keep it general. Losing a potential or current customer over insensitivity and assumptions is a huge holiday marketing faux pas.

2. Trying Too Hard – Although most people can relate to that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling, don’t overwhelm your customers with too many holiday themed marketing messages. A good business owner values quality over quantity. Stay away from any “25 Days of Christmas” type campaigns, as constant promotion will only devalue your brand.

3. Sell, Sell, SELL – Most people are in the business to make money. But, if all your marketing messages scream “BUY THIS” you’re selling your product or service short. Build relationships with your customers. Ask them about their favorite holiday song, or encourage people to share seasonal memories. When you focus more on building relationships, and less on making a quick buck, you’ll see long term financial gain.

4. Poor Timing – What are you doing New Year’s Eve? No, we’re not referring to the song, we’re really asking. On New Year’s Eve, you’re probably out celebrating with friends or family. The last thing you care about is the 10% OFF ENTIRE STORE email that hit your inbox at 12:01 AM. When scheduling your text message marketing or email marketing campaigns, keep this in mind. Send these messages prior to big events, so you have as many eyes on your promotion as possible.

5. Lack of Originality – Holiday marketing can be cutthroat. Most business owners regurgitate the same content and messages every year, so the customers eventually just ignore their efforts. Instead of going with traditional promotions, build campaigns around fresh, new ideas. For example, instead of a “Share Your Favorite Holiday Dish” social campaign, take that one step further and launch a “Share Your Biggest Holiday Baking Flops”. Something like this will inspire more laughter and engagement, which in turn increases your brand loyalty.

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