No More Text Message Marketing Slang or Abbreviations

Text message marketing slang

When you are using text message marketing to reach your customers, it can be very tempting to abbreviate words and take part in the latest slang. However, doing so is greatly discouraged. Although you are limited in the words that you have when using a text message or a tweet, taking part in the latest slang or abbreviation trends can greatly hurt the spelling and vocabulary of children.

It is called ‘text speak’ or txt spk, and more and more companies are using it in efforts to gain broader appeal to a younger audience. However, research conducted at the Coventry University and the University of Tasmania report that this can affect a child, even later on in their life.

The study, which included children in age range of 8 and 16, showed that those who created the best texts were those who also spelled the best and did not use ungrammatical words.

Although you are limited to using just 160 characters in text message marketing, you should never use these abbreviations or text slang. Instead, take the time to create an effective message that uses full words. Doing so will ensure that you are not inhibiting spelling and language of the children that are our future.

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