Text Marketing Shines Over Email Marketing

Text Message Marketing Over Email

Email marketing has been around for quite some time. It is a form of marketing that is used in the U.S. and beyond, and a way to reach out to consumers easily. Text message marketing has also been around for many years. 20 of them to be exact. But it has been in recent years that it has seen its glory, and nowadays it is giving mail marketing a run for its money. Short Message Service, or SMS as it is called, is a text message that is sent to an individual mobile-enabled device; typically a cell phone. The benefits of communication via SMS are toppling email marketing, and these days it is the preferred way to reach out and touch a customer.

The reason for text marketing becoming more popular than email marketing isn’t a mystery. More people access the web through a mobile device than through a computer, and the fact that about 95% of all individuals have their cell phone with them all throughout the day account for the fast delivery and incredible response that has drawn so many into the world of SMS marketing. Also interesting is the fact that 7 billion people have mobile service, which is almost 95% of the world’s population. This is in comparison to only about 2.4 billion people with an email account.

The problem that quickly rose with email marketing was spam. No longer could an individual legitimately determine what was genuine and what was a scam, thus eliminating the chance it would ever get anywhere other than the trash or marked as spam. With text marketing, there is only a small 1% chance that a spam message will sneak into the mix. Furthermore, an amazing 98% open rate with SMS marketing almost ensures your message will be seen. Email marketing is left in the dust with a small 21% open rate.

There isn’t a faster way to get an offer to a customer than through text message marketing.

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