Text Message Marketing: When Not To Send

When not to send Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is dominating the world of promotions. It is so simple for a message to be sent to the subscriber at any time, with the assurance the recipient reads your message. The average person reads a text message within three minutes of being sent in fact. However, before you go text crazy and cause the opposite effect of what you want for the future of your business, it is essential that you learn right times to send text messages, as well as the times that you should avoid sending out that message. Customers want to hear from you, and they certainly want those offers to keep coming. But, there are stipulations in there, too, and you always want to stay on the customer’s good side to ensure they aren’t overcome by your efforts and opt-out.

Avoid sending text messages at the top of the hour. it is at this time when businesses are usually sending out messages and you want your message to be the top priority for the time. Choosing a different time will ensure your messages get noticed and that the customer takes advantage of what is being offered to them.

Another idea for avoiding the wrong times for text message marketing: look at the times when people are opting-out. The weekend is usually a time when people will opt-out of receiving your messages. Opt-out rates for the weekend message stand at about 8.5%, just 1.8% over weekday opt-out rates.

Restaurants are also about average with these rates, too. Restaurants usually have a 4.75 % weekend opt-out rate, but only 1.85% during the weekday. The bottom line here: perhaps the weekend is not a time that you want to send messages to your subscribers.

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