Frequency Is Key With SMS Marketing

too many sms marketing messagesSending too many text messages or sending too few text messages during your SMS marketing campaign can cause a business massive trouble. Unfortunately this is a common culprit standing in the way of true marketing success for so many. Thinking that it takes only a list and a great service to do things, these businesses fail to keep the interests of those on their list piqued and eventually those subscribers forget that it is even there, thus forgetting your company. In  a different scenario the company is so excited about their new marketing efforts that they send out way too many messages. While your company won’t be forgetting when this is done, what will happen is that the customer will quickly consider your messages to be spam, and annoyance will quickly set in. if the massive number of messages continue to roll through, the company is likely to lose many names and the trust of those people just the same as they will unsubscribe so they are no longer bombarded with these messages.

Joining an SMS marketing list is the first indication that a consumer is interested in what you have to offer. However, there are expectations in place concerning the number of marketing messages that will be received by your company in a month. If the consumer doesn’t receive those messages a person will forget that they are on the list, and they can also feel overwhelmed later down the line if they do receive a message from you. Not the case if you are sending the two messages per month that were promised.

Just as you don’t want the consumer to forget about you, you also do not want them to become overwhelmed with you. Sending more messages out will not provide better results for you. It is actually a good way to be considered spam and quickly remove the names from the list. You do not want to be known as a spammer!

Consistency is key with SMS marketing. Send out the promised number of messages and you can’t go wrong!

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