Best Text Message Marketing Strategies For Night Clubs

Best Text Message Marketing Strategies For Night Clubs

Text Message Marketing For DC NightClubsOne of the biggest night clubs in the US, Ibiza DC, uses text marketing, citing this form of advertising as one of the most beneficial to the company. Their offer, the chance to join ‘the list’ and score a free nightclub pass, is one that thousands of people have taken advantage of. The common-sense approach of text message marketing is just one of the many qualities that excite and ignite nightclubs. But, without the right strategy, accomplishing the same results such as Ibiza is unlikely.

One of the very first things that must be done to establish a successful text message marketing campaign start is to build a list of people to send those text messages to. Most nightclubs, like Ibiza, offers an incentive which creates further interest in joining the list. There are a ton of different incentives that can be offered for joining. No matter the incentive selected it should be of high value to the consumer. It is a hook that works!

After an incentive has been selected, choosing a keyword is the next step, followed by the creation of an auto-reply. The auto-reply is simply a message generated to be sent to those who have joined your list. In many circumstances the auto reply also includes the incentive which was originally offered to the consumer for joining the list.

Creating marketing flyers is the next step in promoting your text message list and helping it grow. If you’re using SlickText (and you should be,) a purple button is on the dashboard after signing into your account. This button is labeled ‘Help Grow my List.’ Click there, next tap ‘Create Marketing flyers’ and provide the information that you want to be seen on your flyer. There are tons of options here so finding what you want is easily done.

The only rule of thumb here is to create the body message with information pertaining to the information that the recipient will receive upon opting in for your list. This should be something that excites the crowd, since this is your hook.

Ensure that editing of the flyers is done before printing occurs. Make sure that tons of the flyers are created. There are a few ways to hand these out. One method is to give to the bouncers to hand out when people are entering or exiting the club. This means that getting the staff involved in things is something that needs to be done, so take the time to inform each and every person of the text message marketing game, how it works and their job of handing a flyer to every guest of the club.

If the bouncer is handing flyers out at the door, telling patrons they can sign up and get into the club free right then and there is a big offer that is certain to create major interest in your list.    Keep in mind that the bouncer should click on the message to ensure that it has not passed its expiration date. Furthermore, using SlickText means that you can have a greater peace of mind that no one will take advantage of your offer. The auto-reply message can be received on the same number only one time, so subscribing, unsubscribing and doing it all over again to get another offer is out of the question.

Adding a disclaimer to the message is also another way to protect the nightclub. The disclaimers simple: “One offer per adult 21 and up.’

Don’t stop there with the promotion efforts, however. Include announcements on social media, in your email newsletters, on your website and every other possible outlet as possible. Patrons are certain to enjoy a free night in the club, and it can build your brand name quickly.

Creating the flyers is just the first half of the efforts required to excel at your text message marketing efforts. Ensure maximum exposure for your campaign by placing flyers anywhere and everywhere that you can. This includes online outlets!

Flyers should be posted throughout the night club. Ensure that the front window has a flyer. Not only will this build your list with current customers, it can also increase awareness from foot traffic and other sources.

Other areas to place your flyers:

  • Bathroom stalls
  • Inside of menus
  • Windows
  • Bathroom sinks/paper towel racks
  • Restaurant counters
  • Table tents
  • Behind the bar

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