6 Ways Text Message Marketing can Increase Sales for Gyms

6 Ways Text Message Marketing can Increase Sales for Gyms

Text message marketing for gymsText message marketing is the absolute  best way to reach out and touch all of your customers. And, if you get creative, you can certainly use it to increase sales inside of your gym.  Text marketing reaches the consumer in real time, and as long as you are providing fabulous deals, you can build a large marketing list that will get more people inside of the doors of your gym. Take a look at these 6 fun and easy ways to incorporate text message marketing into your gym’s marketing scheme and drive more money into your bank account.

  1. Monthly contests

Text to win contests are really fun. Consumers get the chance to win a great prize, you get the addition of their name and number to add to your list. You are in control over the text to win contests, but remember the better the prize the more entrants that you will receive. Many marketers choose to offer a grand prize, as well as prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places to increase engagement. Again, this is a decision entirely up to you.

  1. Consumer Communication

Text message marketing is the fastest, easiest way to communicate with your customers. Whether it is a new store opening, a breakthrough new piece of equipment or a bodybuilding great making a major announcement, you can easily communicate with all of your loyal customers with one click of the mouse.

  1. Two is better than One

So, why not increase business at your gym through the ‘Bring a Friend’ text? There are several ways for you to do this, whether you’re offering a free pass to the friend and an incentive to the friend or something else, this is  a great way to see many fresh faces in the gym.

  1. Message Forwarding

Asking those who are on your marketing list to forward your message to a friend whom might be interested is yet another way that you can attract more people inside of your gym. Make an incredible offer for both your subscriber as well as for the person who will be receiving the message.

  1. Awesome Deals

Give them what they come for, and that is awesome deals. Now that you have their name, you need to keep them there, and the easiest, best way to do this is through the use of text  marketing deals. There are many ways to use this form of marketing to attract a customer. Offer a BOGO deal on bodybuilding supplements, half off personal training sessions or even  percentages off of equipment, depending upon the nature of your gym and what is being offered.

  1. Keyword Auto Responder Options

An auto response is created through this device. The auto responder sends a message to the new subscriber immediately after they have joined your list. This is your first opportunity to reach your customer and leave an impression. Why not also include a movie coupon, a special one-day only pass or another can’t miss offer?

When using text message marketing for you gym, make sure that you send out campaigns that are always valuable, such as what is listed above. When the customer finds the value in the offer sent, they will find it worth their while and everyone will win.

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