Struggling to Keep Clients Coming Back? Try These 3 Mobile Customer Retention Strategies

Struggling to Keep Clients Coming Back? Try These 3 Mobile Customer Retention Strategies

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Chances are you probably put a lot of energy and money into customer acquisition, but did you know it can cost seven times more to find new customers than it costs to simply retain the ones you have? Most companies focus less on customer retention because it can be harder to gauge results and know what works. While customer retention strategies often focus on providing great customer service, there are other ways you can proactively retain your customers, and a lot of them have to do with using your phone.

Here’s what you need to know about mobile customer retention strategies for any business.

Using your phone to retain customers

It’s no secret that mobile is one of the most important segments to master when it comes to communicating with your customers. People are always on their phones nowadays, and statistically you have a better chance of reaching them through phone than other ways. Here are three mobile customer retention strategies you can use to keep people coming back.

1. Send reminders 

Sometimes, customers just forget about you. That’s why service providers let customers know when it’s time for them to come back for a visit — whether that’s an oil change, dental cleaning or scheduling maintenance. By sending a text message letting customers know it’s time for them to come back in, you’re not only providing a helpful service to them but you’re making sure they don’t take their business somewhere else.

You can schedule these text message reminders in advance so that you don’t have to remember to send them on time.

What to remember before you send text alerts:

  • Personalize whenever possible: Sending customized text messages is often preferable to sending something generic. Your business texting service should have a way you can automate personalization, usually by inserting merge tags into the text messages so that your customer’s first or last name appears in the body of the text. However, this isn’t the only way to personalize your customer retention messages. Finding unique ways to personalize your texts can actually force you to think of text messages that bring more value to the end customer.
  • Pay attention to timing: No one enjoys getting a text during the early morning hours, or receiving repetitive text alerts from you. Keep your texts purposeful and respect your customers’ time before hitting send.
  • Strive to be helpful: The more helpful you are with the text messages you send the more likely it is that your customers will actually look forward to hearing from you. Try to be a resource instead of advertising.

2. Solicit feedback

Your customers are an incredibly valuable asset when it comes to improving your product and level of service. They’re able to let you know about defects, gaps in service and how you can improve customer satisfaction. That’s why you should be running regular customer retention surveys to gauge what elements of your customer experience you need to improve. As you probably know, this is easier said than done. That’s why texting customer service surveys is ideal. Instead of asking people to sit through a lengthy phone survey or click on an email survey, sending questions that can be answered with simple text responses is an easier way to encourage feedback. You can even pair your survey with a text-to-win contest to up the incentive to enter.

3. Send exclusive offers

Make current customers feel like they have the inside track on deals and promotions by texting them exclusive offers that keep them engaged with your products and services. Just remember, don’t send meaningless offers. Customers can smell a gimmick coming. Make sure you’re creating offers that actually help your customers out in some way. Letting your customers know you’re thinking of them and that you’re in their corner can go a long way in keeping them around.

Mobile customer retention essentials

Of course, using text messaging for customer retention isn’t foolproof — there are some mistakes that you can make that might upset customers. Here’s what you should watch for.

Practice opt-in texting

Always send your text  messages to  people whom have opted-in to receive such offers. This is a federal law and not following this rule could mean legal problems or fines for your business. At the same time it is important to remember to send worthy message that are of value to the consumer. Spamming them is also illegal, and all this does for your business is represent it in a bad light, not something that you want to happen.

Be concise

Your messages should be short, of course. Keep in mind the limit on the number of characters that you have to use, and be precise and directly to the point. If you do decide to use text abbreviations to shorten the length of your message, make sure they’re commonly used enough that your customers will understand them. Another strategy for keeping your messages short is to send an MMS message with a graphic. That way you can convey some of your information through the image and not just rely on text to tell your brand’s story.

Be responsive

Respond to questions that consumers ask as they arrive using two-way texting. Being able to hear back from a company means so much, and customers will be far more satisfied knowing they can actually get a hold of you — especially without having to call you. If you really want to make sure customers know you’re listening, set up an auto-reply so that they get an immediate response. You can let them know in the auto-reply that a customer service representative will be getting back to them within a certain timeframe.

To consistently improve you customer retention rates, make sure you periodically review these messages and use examples in team trainings. A huge component of customer retention is getting your staff involved in your texting strategies  so that you can mobilize your team to quickly respond and help you consistently improve.