3 Text Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

3 Text Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Text marketing is quickly rising  to the top of the preferred method of marketing for a large number of business. It is one of the easiest ways to market to a customer, as well as the method of contact that most choose. This just begins to define the numerous benefits and reasons that text message marketing is so popular.

However, a large number of companies are not finding the success with this form of marketing as what they had hoped. Is it that text message marketing just isn’t right for them? While in some cases this may be the truth of the matter, it is often the company’s lack of knowledge that causes the problems.

Let’s take a look at some of what companies are doing wrong in their text marketing campaigns. Remember, the following are all things that you want to avoid when you are utilizing text message marketing.


  1. Not Using A Free Trial

If you sign up. You are missing out. Why is this? Because there are tons of really awesome free trials out there that you can take advantage of before signing up and risking your money. If you do not take advantage of these free trials you are doing yourself a great disadvantage.


  1. Complicated Keywords

What is the keyword selected for your text marketing campaign? Is it really a practical a keyword? There are several things to keep in mind when choosing your keyword. It is imperative that you put the extra time into finding the right keyword, as this could have an impact on the overall success of the campaign. Chose something that is simple, easy to spell and easy to remember. If you try to make things complicated you probably will and in that process you will scare many away.


  1. Not Using Auto Reply

Auto reply is a must when it comes to text marketing, but if you want to make the most out of it, make sure that you follow a few rules of thumb. This includes thanking the person for joining your list, giving them  a redeemable offer and setting an expiration date for the offer. Add the website or telephone number of your company, too.

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