5 Powerful Text Marketing Campaign Examples

5 Powerful Text Marketing Campaign Examples

SMS marketing is a cutting edge marketing tactic used to enhance communication between companies and their publics. Also known as SMS (short message service) marketing, text marketing campaigns can be a game changer when it comes to attracting new consumers in 2019. The vast majority of Americans, 96% according to a recent study, own a cellphone of some kind. The simplicity of text marketing campaigns makes them appealing for business owners, and offers the opportunity to reach a larger audience. 

Not sure how to get started? Not to worry, we’ve compiled five recent 2019 examples of text marketing campaigns to give you inspiration for your own as you head into your next marketing meeting. 

Text marketing campaign examples

The most effective text marketing campaigns are light on text, engaging and include some kind of visual. If you take time to consider your message and desired tone, text marketing campaigns can bring high return for a minimal investment. 

1. Subway

This text marketing campaign from Subway is a great example of how to advertise text marketing campaigns using other platforms. The purpose of this ad is to drive interest in receiving mobile coupons. This ad could be placed in store windows, on billboards or placed in bags as a flyer. Leading with a question is a great way to get viewers to continue reading. Also note that Subway made sure to feature an appealing visual of their food, enticing consumers to read further into the offer. 

What they did well:

  • Logo placement and visuals of their product are strategically placed.
  • Key information like “offers” and “782929” are a different color.
  • The lengthy details are included in the graphic, but offset to the side and made a smaller font to give the important information the spotlight. 
  • The campaign encourages action by using commanding verbs. 

2. Tanning service 

This tanning service’s text marketing campaign is simple but effective. With contrasting textures of solid color on top of a beach image, the pertinent information in the graphic pops. The biggest and most eye-catching part of the graphic is “$20 OFF,” which peaks consumer interest in the offer. Additionally, the use of the phrase “Mobile VIP Club” makes participants feel both exclusive and special.

What they did well:

  • Visuals of a beach match the company’s service.
  • The amount of money you can save is the biggest part of the visual. 
  • Phrasing implies that participants are part of an exclusive and elite offer. 

3. Political campaign

This political campaign is a great example of what text blasts looks like in action. Complete with positive verbs and helpful information, it gets right to the point while enabling viewers to contribute via a link. It clearly articulates a goal and how recipients of the message can get involved.

What they did well:

  • Clearly frames the situation and outlines the desired goal.
  • Inspires action by using verbs like “invest” and “take back.”
  • Offers a link where recipients can donate to the cause.
  • Recognizes the accomplishments of the party thus far and thanks existing contributors.

4. Red Cross Text-To-Donate

Text marketing campaigns can be beneficial for nonprofit organizations or public health services as well as traditional businesses. The American Red Cross offered a text campaign to ask the public for donations. This method can be a great alternative to paying volunteers to seek in-person donations, as it’s cost effective and has a bigger reach. Their text marketing campaign allows recipients to choose their own donation size from the link provided.

What they did well:

  • Includes minimal text.
  • Clearly worded and easy to read.
  • Gives recipients the ability to get help or end messages by texting back a key word.
  • Links to a donation page.

5. American Idol

American Idol had one of the first successful nationwide text marketing campaigns. Though they weren’t using text marketing to offer their viewers a product or service, their use of text messages encouraged engagement and worked wonders for their overall viewership. American Idol is a great example of how a company or organization can use text message marketing to draw in their audience using text-to-vote or SMS surveys.

What they did well:

  • Gave a limited time window for viewers to vote on contestants, making the opportunity to participate time-sensitive. 
  • Showed footage of audience members voting in real time to engage viewers at home.
  • Integrated text messaging into the structure of their show, offering viewers an expected time to vote on a weekly basis. 

What to include in your text marketing

Here are key takeaways you can get from the above examples:

  • Advertise your text marketing list. Whether you’re handing out flyers, making announcements or driving interest through online ads, it’s important to let people know that you do have a text marketing strategy and they can connect with you via SMS.
  • Create exclusive offers. Making people feel part of a VIP club is a strong list building technique.
  • Be professional. Staying organized and knowing exactly how to get all your information across with as few words as possible is key to making people actually want to join your SMS marketing list.
  • Have a clear call to action. People need to know what you want them to do after reading your text. Be precise while also trying to stay away from call to action cliches.

These examples can be used as jumping off points for your own brainstorming on SMS marketing. One of the best ways to develop an SMS strategy that works well for your customers is to experiment and test. Since different copy, graphics and strategies work for different demographics there’s definitely no one size fits all approach when it comes to creating a texting strategy that works for you.