5 Pet Store Advertising Tactics Using Text Message Marketing

5 Pet Store Advertising Tactics Using Text Message Marketing

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Trying to find new ways to tackle pet shop advertising? Text message marketing is fun, affordable and can help to up your game when it comes to connecting with new customers and deepening your relationship with existing ones. Not sure how you can use SMS marketing for your pet store? Here’s how companies across the United States are incorporating texting into their marketing strategy.

5 SMS marketing tips for pet store advertising

So, you’re tasked with improving the marketing and communication efforts of your pet store? No stress. This is how text marketing can you create a strategy that covers many of your outreach and customer engagement goals at the same time.

1. Pet adoption notifications

Do you support local pet adoption organizations? Be the hub that connects pet lovers with pets who need a new forever home. You can create a text list that people can subscribe to that will send an SMS blast out every time there is a new pet in need of adoption. Here are some tips on how to manage that text list:

  • Segment your list based on what type of pets people are looking for. Survey those who sign up for the list and then create certain segments for cat lovers, dog lovers — you get the picture. You could even further segment your list by breed.
  • Send out an MMS message with a photo or even a video of the pet in question along with the important information on the pet.
  • Include a trackable link that will give people a way to get directly in touch with the adoption organization.

Playing a vital role in the pet community can help position your pet store as a go-to resource for anything pet related in your area.

2. Offer exclusive coupons or discounts

Text marketing is all about creating value for your customers and getting them excited about what you have to offer. Keep your current customers engaged and excited about your services and products by offering discounts specifically for those on your text list. Here’s are some ideas your can use to incentivize your clients:

  • Free shipping for online orders
  • Free gift with purchase
  • Discount on services offered through your store
  • Buy one, get one free specials

By including a custom promotional code on each coupon, you can track who has redeemed it and when. This gives you more accurate data on your customers than a direct mail coupon might. You can use MMS messaging to send photos or videos, so you’re not limited to only sending text. Creating a sleek, custom graphic can help your brand look professional and proactive.

3. Pet birthday club

Have a bit of fun with your customers by encouraging them to join the birthday club for their pets. Here’s how a birthday rewards program might work for pet store advertising:

  • Create a special offer that can be redeemed during the pet’s birthday week, month, or on the pet’s birthday.
  • Schedule a text that will send pet owners the offer before it becomes active.
  • Send automatic texts to remind pet owners to redeem their pet’s birthday offer.
  • Track when pet owners redeem the offer.

The birthday club could be a creative way to drive engagement and to make your customers feel a stronger connection to your brand. You could change the idea slightly to celebrate the pet’s adoption anniversary each year, if that’s a better match for your brand.

4. Event notifications

Are you hosting a special puppy pageant? An informative seminar? Celebrating the holidays? Whatever the case, using text marketing to make the announcement could be more helpful than emailing or calling. How many emails from companies get filtered straight to you junk mail? How about the emails that get through to your inbox which you then delete without reading? Email inboxes are cluttered these days and even if your event is something people would want to attend, it’s possible they might not even hear about it! Using an SMS message to reach out with all the pertinent information and then remind people leading up to the event could give you a better chance of actually getting through to your customers.

5. Important alerts and updates

There are inevitably times when you want to get a message out to your customers with information it’s important they read. Sending a text alert is an efficient way to do this. What kinds of alerts might you send?

  • Hot weather alerts to remind owners not to keep their pets in their vehicles.
  • Cold weather warnings — some pets can’t be outside when it’s cold so owners might appreciate the heads up so they can take their dog for a walk in advance.
  • Changes to store opening and closing times.
  • Holiday hours.
  • Announcements about new locations or a change in location.
  • Special sales event happening in store — with an exclusive offer that motivates people on your text list to stop by.

You can send these bulk SMS messages as soon as you create them or schedule them and to have your mass text messaging platform send them out later — if the service you go with provides this option. That way you can schedule reminders for holiday hours to send in advance so you don’t have to worry about remembering when things get busy.

Is text marketing right for your pet store advertising needs?

Text message marketing works for pet shops because it is versatile, affordable and easy for all sizes business to use without hassle. Since only those who choose to ‘opt-in’ receive your messages you also save yourself time and money since you  are not wasting time with those who do not want to be bothered.

You can send text marketing messages as little or as often you want. As long as you have a valuable offer to send out there is no reason not to send your message their way.

Studies prove that customers want to be contacted by text message and that they are much more likely to use an offer that has been sent to their mobile device. This means you should be sending your text messages out right now!