How Gyms Can Use Text Marketing To Drive Traffic

How Gyms Can Use Text Marketing To Drive Traffic

Gyms ready to increase membership, brand awareness and bring in more profit can find wonderful success with text marketing.  There are several ways in which a gym will find text marketing beneficial, and just as many ways to use it to help them. Here are a few ideas for gyms ready to take the plunge into text marketing and see the results!

1.    Free Pass/Membership

A free 7-day pass or membership to the club is a great way to get more bodies getting fit and working out. It gives the customer the feeling that you care about their needs and wants and enables them to try out things without making a commitment or spending any of their money.  You can offer the freebie to customers who text their number, which also ‘opts’ them in to receive further text messages from you. Advertise the offer on banners outside of the gym facility, on your website, on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, etc. and make it a new customer offer for best results.

2.    Exit Survey for Member cancellations

When someone decides not to continue their membership with their gym it is vital to learn why they decided not to say. Was it the cost? The facility itself? How about the trainers or the atmosphere? Offering an exit survey for those who cancel their membership can answer these questions so that you can improve services based on customer response.

3.     Referral Program

A great way to increase brand awareness and customers into the gym, offer a member referral program. For each name/number a member can give to you they receive a reward. You choose the reward, but make it something they will appreciate. Offer those new customers the free trial membership and watch your business grow!

Another way to use the referral program- give your members 5 free 30-day passes to hand out to their friends via text message. Include all of the exciting details of your gym on the free passes.

4.       Fitness Tips

People who are interested in a gym are interested in getting fit and healthy. You can help them on their path to success by sending weekly fitness tips via their mobile device. You can tailor the messages to the individuals needs and send general tips as well. Since only those who want to receive these messages will get them you eliminate the worry of annoying customers who could care less about what you offer.

5.    Member Games & Challenges

Nothing is better than a little friendly challenge or a game or two. Offer these via text message and you will see the number of people inside of your gym increasing! Great prizes can increase awareness to your gym as well. Whether it is workout DVDs or gym memberships, t-shirts or gift cards, give the winners something to reward themselves for their hard work. There are tons of games and challenges that you can offer.

6.    Contests

Along with those challenges you can provide contests via text message. Customers love the shot at grabbing a free prize, so having a contest is a sure way to get some attention to your gym. Your contest can offer one big prize or a Grand Prize and first, second and third place prizes. Remember the more prizes that you have the more chances to win and the more people will feel inclined to enter the contest.

Use each of these six methods of text marketing at your gym and before you turn around you will notice many wonderful changes in your business numbers, all the way around the board.


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