3 Awesome Ideas For Restaurants Using Text Marketing

3 Awesome Ideas For Restaurants Using Text Marketing

Text Marketing Ideas For Restaurants

Text marketing works for restaurants! Don’t believe me? Fine. Let the results speak for themselves.

  • 90% of all consumers carry their cell phone on them at all times of the day.
  • 75% of all cell phone owners use text messaging service.
  • Most text messages are read within three minutes of being sent.
  • Restaurants that use text marketing can quickly attain a crowd to fill the tables at their facility. It can be used in many versatile ways.
  • Text marketing offers an amazing ROI

These are just some of the impressive facts and figures regarding text marketing. While it has been available for quite some time, its popularity has only begun to skyrocket over the last several years. These results have become so intense over these past several years and companies small and large are now turning their eyes toward this form of marketing first. So should you.

Three Text Marketing Ideas

Here is three of the top ways restaurants use text marketing to benefit their place:

1.    Mobile Coupons

Savings are enjoyed by everyone; make this your key to shine. Mobile coupons can benefit your restaurants in many ways. You can use them to gain more people for your message list, to get more people inside of the facility on slow nights and to bring more awareness to your brand. Send out a coupon offering a free entrée if the mobile subscriber brings two friends with them. Offer a free appetizer for joining the club. For slow nights offer half price entrées or a free drink with purchase. The possibilities are endless and you will find mobile coupons highly beneficial and versatile.

2.     Accept Orders

People can call in an order or go online to order, but can they text in their order, too? If you want to be among the latest to offer something new and unique, enable text messages to place orders. Considering the fact that customers prefer SMS message contact versus email, chances are they will enjoy the convenience of being able to text their to go order when they’re only with their mobile device. This enables even those without smartphones to get in on the ordering fun.

3.     Employee Communication

Text marketing is perfect for communication with customers but it is also Justas effective when communication between employees is needed. Text messages can be used to notify employees of schedules, to call in extra help when it is needed, to inform them of mandatory meetings, emergency notification and so much more.

Benefiting your Restaurant with Text Marketing

These are just a sampling of the many ways in which text marketing can be used by a restaurant. Text message marketing is so popular because it works and because it offers so much for so little. Restaurant owners can use their creativity and certainly greatly expand their activities when text marketing is being used.

Everyone Else is Doing it

Some of the most well-known restaurants in the United States use text marketing to attract more customers to their business. Among those names is Panera Bread,  Domino’s Pizza, Captain Ds and a host of others. They use text marketing because it really works.  These businesses have found success with mobile marketing and there is no question that your restaurant can do the same things too.

So, it is easy to see that all restaurants need text marketing to help them grow. Large and small restaurants can see a plethora of magical benefits come their way when they do! Use these ideas and see just how beneficial text marketing is to your restaurant.

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