If You Own A Restaurant. You Need Text Marketing

If You Own A Restaurant. You Need Text Marketing

Text Marketing For RestaurantsFor restaurants, having an effective marketing strategy in place is an absolute must to attract business into the establishment. If the community isn’t aware of your presence or what you can offer them, how could they ever patronize your restaurant? Many conventional marketing methods are around, and then there is text marketing. This form of marketing is not only affordable, it is also one of the most effective. All restaurants should be using text marketing.

What is Text Marketing?

Basically text marketing is the same thing as sending a text message to your friend, only you’re sending it to people that have ’opted-in’ or asked to be on the list. Another difference is that you’re not sending a friendly message, you’re  sending a marketing message that will benefit you as well as the customer.

Customers like it because it is easy. Most people have a cell phone, and they keep it with them throughout the day. Furthermore a good percentage of those cell phone owners use text messages and will see what you’ve sent within a few minutes of time. They simply show their phone or respond to a short code and the offer you’ve presented is theirs. What could be easier?

Restaurants like it for the very same reasons. It provides the chance to get a little more personal with your customers and give them something they really want. With the right offers a  huge fan base can easily be created and all of those amazing offers will be bringing plenty additional dollars through your establishment.

How Restaurants use Text Marketing

Restaurants small and large can use text marketing to bring awareness to their brand and to bring customers through the doors. It is a marketing method that works great for fast food establishments, causal restaurants and even upscale establishments, too. One of the biggest advantages of text marketing is that it is very versatile. There are numerous ways in which it can be put to good use for the benefit of your restaurant.

Some of the many ways to use text message marketing include the following:

  • Coupons: Everyone is hungry and when they want to eat out they want to get a great meal at the best possible price. Send them coupons via text message marketing and they will choose your restaurant before the others without a good deal going on. Make your coupon work for you two-fold by presenting an offer such as  ‘Bring in a friend for 50% off your meal.’
  • Contests: Giving a customer a chance to win something nice is also a good way to keep customers interested in your list and your restaurant. Whether it a contest for a restaurant gift card, a t-shirt or something else, you will create interest when text message marketing is used to conduct the campaign.
  • Weekly/Daily Specials: Giving consumers a head’s up on the weekly or daily specials being offered is also a good way to use text marketing.
  • Freebies: Now this is the big one. Give a customer a freebie and you can almost write their name in the reservation book. When they arrive at the restaurant they will use their freebie and probably take advantage of a lot more, too. Give a good freebie, whether it is a free drink or a free appetizer or meal, and you will set a good impression on your customers.

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

Text marketing has been popular for the past several years because it works. Consumers use cell phones. And getting offers via their cell phone makes life simple. It also provides businesses with the chance to reach out and touch someone while getting the restaurant’s name out. There are so many wonderful benefits of text marketing.



Thanks to SMS marketing you can easily reach a large group of people quickly and easily while creating a great interest in your restaurant. Furthermore all of this can be done at some of the best prices out there for marketing. When it comes to making a name for your restaurant, nothing helps you do it better than text marketing.

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