10 Christmas Time Ideas for Text Marketing Campaigns

10 Christmas Time Ideas for Text Marketing Campaigns

Text marketing ideas for christmasChristmas is here and that means businesses small and large can capitalize on the $800 per-person average being spent on holiday gifts this year. One of the best ways to do this is through your text marketing campaigns. If you’ve yet to strategize a text message marketing program into your company, what are you waiting for? Text message marketing is the consumer’s preferred method of communicating, and it is highly beneficial.

Christmas Time Text Marketing Benefits

Text message marketing can be used any time of the year but it is even more beneficial than at Christmas time. Consumers are busy and they want the offers to come to them. Through text marketing you deliver.

Take a look at these 10 Christmas time ideas that will certainly draw in the crowds to your business. These tips and ideas work for small and large businesses alike, so don’t think they do not apply to you!

  1. During a sale day, offer an incentive to the first 25 people through the door. This could be anything of your choosing, but the better the inventive the more people that will be lined up at your door. Make the sales inside delightful for everyone.
  2. Free coffee and hot chocolate are great for people who’ve been out shopping all day long. When you send your message advertising special deals and sales offers, let the customers know that free cocoa and hot chocolate are also going to be provided.
  3. Give something away. There is no better way to attract a customer than to give them a freebie, especially during the  Christmas season.
  4. Send out greeting cards to everyone that is on your marketing list. If you cannot do this, a quick holiday greeting is also suitable. Personalization in a campaign is important for success, and you ensure this  puts cheer in everyone’s  holiday.
  5. If you are an online shop, offer free shipping, or advanced speed shipping at reduced rates. Those last minute shoppers will appreciate this.
  6.  Christmas Themes: No matter what type of offer you plan to send, ensure that it is catered around a holiday theme. It is the season, so make sure that you show how much you love it, too.
  7. Notification of Special Events: Will Santa be making a special appearance at your event? Are you having a holiday dinner or a party? You can use text marketing to notify your fans of such events.
  8. Promotional Offers & Coupons are enjoyed any time of the year, but when the wallets are open wide and ready to spend money, this is even more true. Sending special money-saving coupons or promotional offers is a fun way to give your customers an awesome deal and   get them to spend time in your store.
  9. Contests are another exciting way to get more people on your marketing list and to spread the word about your brand. An exciting contest this time of the year is just what you need for major profits.
  10.  Use your text marketing list to make consumers aware of your special store hours for the Christmas holiday. Even consider offering a special set of hours just for those who are on your marketing list to make things even more interesting.

Spread Holiday Cheer Far & Wide

Remember to make all of your offers extra-special since it is Christmas. Text messages are read within three minutes in most cases. Provide a call-to-action, and remember that text marketing focuses on impulse buying. Offers should be very limited and have quick expiry. This adds to the excitement and the fun! That is what the customer wants. With these 10 ideas, your creativity and specials, you can certainly make this holiday season one to remember.

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