Branded SMS Open Rates Are Really High. Here’s Why.

Branded SMS Open Rates Are Really High. Here’s Why.

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Anyone who has worked in marketing or communications knows that crafting great copy is only half the battle — getting people to read it is almost equally as hard. With open rates for email much lower than they were 15 years ago and organic reach on Facebook and Instagram hitting a wall it can be challenging to find a way to connect with you’re audience that they’re actually going to read. Here’s where a great SMS strategy can work wonders

Research shows that branded SMS messages have an open rate of 98%. In layman’s terms: basically everyone you send a text message to is going to read it. Here are a few reasons behind that high open rate and why more and more companies are integrating SMS marketing into their plans.

Why SMS open rates are high

SMS stands for Short Message Service. This service has been around for many years but only in the last few years has business text messaging become more prevalent. 

SMS is attractive for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the top ones.

1. They’re asynchronous

Asynchronous communication means you don’t have to talk directly at the same time. Email and texting are examples of asynchronous communication because you can open either of them at any time after they’ve been sent. Chat and phone calls are examples of the opposite — both parties have to be engaged at the same time in order for the conversation to flow.

With text messaging, the sender can send a message even when the recipient is not available to react to that message at that exact time. There is less of chance of irritating a recipient because you’re sending a message that they can read at their convenience. Think about how inconvenient it can be to receive a marketing phone call when you’re at a fancy dinner. That’s why people prefer that you send a text message for marketing purposes.

2. You can time texts strategically

When you’re creating a text message marketing strategy, you don’t have to stick solely to manually sending texts after you compose them — although you can do this if it fits your timing. But in addition to that, you’re also able to schedule texts, create automated text messages and set up texts that will send based on actions your customer do or don’t take, such as if they abandon their cart.

How does this help with SMS open rates? The more relevant and helpful your marketing messages are, the higher your open rate is going to be. If you send a text that’s completely out of context with what’s going on in your customer’s life, they’ll be less likely to open it. However, as you synch up your texts to actions they take, you’ll start to see open rates climb.

You can set up recurring SMS messaging to remind your customers to come back for their next oil change, teeth cleaning, hair cut or whatever your service might be. This is relevant to them. Plus, if you provide a way they can book an appointment through their phone, it’s also helpful.

3. You can personalize your messaging

Not only can senders automatically generate SMS messages, they can also easily personalize them in various ways. It’s very simple to personalize text messages and research shows a personalized call-to-action converts 202% better than a generic one.

This all comes back to being helpful and relevant. The more relevant you can be for your customers the more likely they’ll read whatever it is you have to say. Unlike other marketing tactics, like direct marketing or social media posts, you can customize text messages to include your customer’s name, birthday, the date they last used your service, what they ordered — pretty much anything.

4. People opt-in to receive text messages

One of the most important aspects of text message marketing that sets it apart from other marketing is that it’s strictly opt-in only. People have to give explicit consent to receive group text messages from you. Because of this, it’s more likely that the people who are on your text list actually want to hear from you and are excited to open your texts. While you might have large phone or email lists with contact information from people who didn’t even subscribe to hear from you, everyone on your text list — if you’re staying federally compliant — has indicated they want to receive your messages.

With SMS marketing you know you’re talking to a pre-qualified crowd who is more likely to read what you have to say.

How can you get started with SMS marketing?

Now that you know why so many marketers are starting to integrate text message marketing into their programs you might be wondering how you can do the same. Your first step is going to be choosing a reputable mass text service. How do you know which platform will be best to use? Here are features a text messaging service should have:

  • Emphasis on legal compliance. There are some regulations you definitely need to know about when it comes to text message marketing. A reputable service will be upfront about these and show you how to stay compliant.
  • Great deliverability. Your messages won’t get opened if they don’t actually arrive in the sender’s phone. Choose a service that emphasizes deliverability as some providers tend to slack in this area.
  • Features that will grow with your business. Even though you might be looking for basic texting solutions right now, be prepared for your business to grow and find a platform that can handle advanced needs as you do so.
  • Mobile app and desktop options. You don’t want to have to be tied to your computer each time you want to send a mass text message or check in on your texting campaigns. Finding a platform that has mobile options can make your life a lot easier as your camp up your SMS marketing efforts.

SMS marketing can help enhance any branded communication strategy. People not only read their messages, but respond to them. As consumers become more inundated with marketing messages talking to them in a way they prefer is going to become more and more crucial.

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