6 SMS Marketing Benefits For Your Business

6 SMS Marketing Benefits For Your Business

text marketing for business benefits

If you haven’t used SMS marketing yet to grow your business you could be missing out on valuable opportunities that your competition is taking advantage of. The way businesses use text messages to reach their audiences is evolving. As consumers spend more and more time on their phones, reaching them through mobile marketing is not only smart — it’s what they prefer. Research shows 85 percent of customers prefer receiving text messages from a company when they need to stay in touch.

Why are a growing number of businesses using text messaging marketing nowadays? Here are benefits other companies see with this strategy.

6 SMS marketing benefits companies are excited about

Here’s why brands are turning to text message marketing as an effective way to reach their audiences.

1.  SMS marketing is affordable

You might not have a huge marketing budget to play with and when it comes to text message marketing a little bit can go a long way. SMS marketing is priced to suit the needs of all businesses. It is one of the most affordable marketing methods available, especially compared to some methods that come with a hefty price tag such as producing a commercial. If you are looking for a way to market your business without spending more than what is necessary, take a look at SMS marketing.

2. SMS marketing is working

SMS marketing really works to drive conversions, create a conversation and help you do a better job communicating with your demographic. It’s no surprise why— people are spending more and more time on their phones and prefer communication methods that favor mobile. Here are some statistics you might not have realized about text message marketing:

  • 97 percent of all text messages are opened and read
  • Most text messages are opened within four minutes of being received
  • 30 percent of all consumers who receive SMS marketing utilize with the brand as a result of this message
  • A mobile coupon is 10 times more likely to be redeemed than one cut from the paper
  • 70 percent of the U.S. population would prefer to receive special offers such as coupons and promotions, via mobile messaging than from other sources

Compared to other forms of marketing, SMS messages really get the job done. It shouldn’t be underestimated as a key way to promote your company and products.

3. Allows you to hyper-target your audience

Because you can segment your text list in multiple ways, text message marketing allows you to tailor your marketing strategy to only interested individuals for each particular product or service you’re promoting. You can choose to send texts only to people on your list with certain interests, who live in a particular area or who have take specific actions on your website or interacted with your content in a certain way. Personalizing your text messages in this way eliminates sending unwanted or unattended messaging while ensuring that you are able to efficiently build your brand.

4. SMS marketing can build new relationships

While SMS marketing will certainly help maintain loyalty with those already familiar with your brand it can also assist in building new relationships with customers that may have had no idea that you even existed.

You can start creating this brand awareness by offering a consumer a valuable and exclusive special offer given only to members of your text list. Think of offers such as a free meal, a free drink or discounted products or services. A lot of people will sign up for your text list to take advantage of these deals and offers. After they’ve done so you can begin to develop a relationship with them to maintain their interest in your company. Continue offering such fantastic deals and you will keep them on your list and create another loyal customer who’ll join the crowd.

Not sure how to grow your text list in this way? This helpful guide can answer a lot of your questions.

5. Reach anyone at any time

One of the problems with a lot of traditional marketing methods is that they aren’t nimble enough to respond to real-time business needs. If you’re a restaurant having a slow Friday night you need to think of ways to increase patrons now, not in two months. With SMS marketing you have complete control over who receives your messages and what time they receive them. Send a message from your nightclub a couple of hours before the night kicks off to get people excited to visit you that evening. Send out a message for a free coffee early in the morning to the breakfast crowd. Announce a special sale on a slow day at your retail establishment.

Text message marketing is flexible and can be used to help solve immediate business problems or drive sales and visits in the moment.

6. Customize your strategy

With SMS marketing you can send any type of message to any group of people that you would like, whenever you want. Here are just a few of the different ways you can use this strategy to boost your marketing:

  • Use SMS marketing to send coupons and promotions
  • Announce sales and new store openings
  • Launch contests via SMS
  • Send new product announcements through text

You can make your texts as long or as short as you’d like and can even send an MMS by inserting photos, videos or GIFs to convey more or your personality or to make a bigger splash. Plus, you don’t have to manually press send on every text message you create. You can choose to schedule your text messages to be sent out at a later date or even create automatic text messages that are triggered by certain actions your customers take.

There truly are so many different ways to customize your texting strategy that you’ll never be painted into a corner or feel locked into running your text marketing campaigns a certain way. This marketing method is completely flexible which allows you to experiment and create the best strategy for your business and customers.

SMS marketing benefits are available for all businesses who utilize the service. Whether it is focusing on building new customers or keeping those that you already have, SMS marketing can certainly benefit you in so many ways.

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