Is Text Marketing Right For Your Nightclub?

Is Text Marketing Right For Your Nightclub?

Text Marketing is a more efficient way of advertising, especially for nightclub owners who are looking out to expand their business. Because text messages reach their target in an instant, nightclub owners can find it super easy to send specials for the evening as people are out and about searching for a fun night with friends.

Nightclub goers are often those aged 18-30 and coincidentally also the same demographic that is constantly using their phones, and therefore likely to open and read your advert. With the phone in hand your message is delivered in an instant and they’ll check it, that is for sure.

In addition, text messaging is also handy when communicating to your staffs concerning your service or product, therefore increasing efficiency. When your nightclub uses text marketing it is a win-win situation for both those who patronize your facility as well as the workers.

Making text work for your Nightclub

To be able to achieve successful text marketing campaigns for your nightclub business, you need to strategize in order to be able to pull business from other night clubs and to keep the night revelers constantly coming in to your night club. Mobile marketing is not difficult, though it does take the implementation of strategies.

Something that you must do – Build a targeted customer list to use for text message marketing. This can be achieved by offering contests for drinks, cover charges or tickets where customers are likely to opt in and give their phone details.

You can also create a more targeted VIP clientele among those seeking for special access or reduced admission. This is something that is sure to get the names and the numbers for your marketing list.

Use bulk messaging to text information offering free cover charges, cheap prices for certain hours, or a special arrangement for drinks where your customers will be able to get an extra drink if they purchase one.

Do more for your Campaign

Always remember to request those receiving your offer to also forward the same offer to their friends and reward them if they do bring their friends. This will help you to be able to attract a new customer base, increasing redemption rates and return on investment.

If you intend to advertise any upcoming nights such as themed nights or special guest appearances, it is important to schedule your text marketing messages to go out on certain days at certain times in order to strategically remind your customers to attend.

Ensure that you combine your ad texts with coupons as incentives to be able to increase sales. Everyone loves a good deal, even those who are headed out to the club for a night of dancing and social fun.

You can also engage your customers through ad texts to have them signup to be able to celebrate their anniversaries or birthdays at a special offer at your nightclub.

Benefits are enormous for the nightclub owner as well. For the business owner, text marketing helps you to increase your customer base and business cash flow. You are able to establish a more personal relationship with your customers who in turn invite their friends to your nightclub, therefore reaching out to new clients.

Your customers benefit by staying in loop with happenings at your nightclub like special offers, celebrity nights and are likely to get rewarded though special offers and contests.

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