Four SMS Marketing Tips for Nightclubs & Bars

Four SMS Marketing Tips for Nightclubs & Bars

SMS marketing for bars

Bars and nightclubs are very popular nowadays and you will probably find a club at the corner of every street. This is a very competitive industry as well which is why a lot of businesses are finding it hard to bring in more customers. The major issue that bar and nightclub managers face is how to market themselves. They need an effective solution to reach out to customers so that they can increase profits. SMS marketing is one such tool that clubs can use to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Here are a few tips to guide you in this regard.

Customers Love Coupons

One of the oldest tricks in the book is the use of mobile coupons to bring in customers. These coupons either offer discounted prices or give something for free. Example: you could send out a message stating free drinks from 8-10. This will definitely tempt the customer to come in to avail the offer and once he is in you can be sure that he will make more purchases as well.

Event Invitations

SMS marketing can be used by nightclubs to send out invitations for parties. Previously it was very difficult to get in touch with customers on special occasions as no reliable medium was available. But now this messaging service can be used to inform customers and keep them updated.

VIP Club

A lot of bars and nightclubs have special customers who are referred to as VIP’s. These are the customers who visit the most and provide a large chunk of your business. You must take care of these people by giving them superior benefits than others. A VIP club will mean that these people will have entry to your bar at all times. You can use SMS marketing to send them special personalized texts.


Another way of enhancing customer experience is through SMS marketing contests and other interactive activities. The more you engage the customer the better he will respond. Your aim is to get the maximum positive response out of each customer. You can do this by introducing text messaging contests to the winner getting him/her a free meal or free drinks for a month. Reward your most valuable customers through such programs.


SMS marketing is a tool that can take your nightclub or bar to new heights. The marketing potential of this service is immense which is why many businesses are already using it and it is time that you did too.

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