5 Ways Churches Are Using SMS Marketing

5 Ways Churches Are Using SMS Marketing

Church SMS MarketingSMS marketing is no longer limited to businesses. Now even churches are making use of text message marketing to spread the message of god. In the modern day and age it only seems fitting that even churches are staying up to date with latest trends. It is also very beneficial for churches to use this service because they are easily able to get their message across. Let’s take a detailed look at how churches are making use of text messaging services.

Church Updates

Churches are making use of text message marketing to keep the followers informed about the happenings at the church. Getting the word out without the use of technology is an increasingly difficult task which is why text messages are being increasingly used. 95% of all text messages are read within the first 5 minutes which means that any last minute updates can also be sent and delivered instantly.

Collecting Information

SMS marketing also helps save time for both churches and the followers. Any information that the church needs to collect from the people can be collected over messaging. There is no need to visit the church during your busy schedule, just reply by texting.

Advertise Events

The church administration no longer has to put up signs outside or go to every house to inform people about upcoming events. Now they can just send a text out to all the registered people who can then confirm their arrival by replying. This way the church leaders can plan accordingly.

Conduct Polls

Recently, churches have started using SMS marketing to conduct live polls. The idea is to get the views of people regarding various matters. Churches no longer have to gather people to get their response;, the process has been simplified by the use of text message marketing.

Special Prayer Service

Churches have also started using text message marketing to get special prayer messages across. These are basically invitations for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, etc. Furthermore, churches can also link up their messaging campaigns with social media outlets such as their Facebook page.


Church leaders have now come to the realization that in these modern times it is imperative to use methods such as SMS marketing. This new method gives them wide scale benefits and makes their life much easier. In the future we can expect even more modernized strategies from churches as they look to connect more with their followers.

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