10 SMS Marketing Ideas Related To Summertime

10 SMS Marketing Ideas Related To Summertime

Great mobile marketing ideas are hard to come by. Most people believe that seasonal marketing can help a business reach its goals. One of the best selling seasons in the year is summer. Here are a few tips to help you with mobile marketing in the summer.

Consider the Weather

Businesses have to adjust their text message marketing strategies throughout the year in order to keep up with the changing environment. Weather plays an important role in defining how the products are going to sell. For example: during summer, a lot of people consume ice cream to beat the heat. Similarly all businesses can adapt accordingly.

Family Deals

During summer, kids are on holiday while parents also take time off from work. This makes it the perfect time for an SMS marketing campaign targeted towards families. You can offer deals and coupons for groups. This should bring in a lot of customers.


Summer is a time when youngsters and adults both indulge in a lot of activities. Your SMS marketing plan should be focused towards giving customers what they want. You might form an external link with another business, let’s say an amusement park, and offer free tickets to customers who shop the most at your store.

Sports Related

The summer months are filled with great sports activities. You should also keep this in mind when making your text message marketing plan. Try to somehow create a link between your business and a sport that your customers would be interested in.

Surprise Deals

During summertime try to surprise your customers by giving them a gift or prize, for example, have a lucky draw with the winner getting two tickets to Hawaii. This will help your company’s reputation and give it a positive look.

Celebrate Special Days

Some special days of significance fall in the summer, use these days as an opportunity to give your business a boost. Text message marketing campaigns on special days can get people in the right spirit and make them feel important.

Offer Special Products

Try to create a brand association that your customers will appreciate. If you are in the automotive business then consider offering a free re-spray, something that will be appreciated. Use SMS marketing to spread the message across.

Movie Marathon

Remember that summertime is family time. So use it to your advantage and consider offering free movie tickets to your customers. Focus on the latest hits for which tickets are hard to get. This will bring in customers in great numbers to your store.

Photo Contest

Use text message marketing to spread the message of a photo contest. Summer is a fun time when people are looking to relax and enjoy. So try to indulge them in something interesting like a photo contest.

Offer a Special Company Product

Use your SMS marketing credentials to target consumers. You can offer a specially crafted company product such as a shirt, cap or travel bag. Customers really appreciate something personal and valuable.

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