10 Examples Of SMS Marketing From Large Companies

10 Examples Of SMS Marketing From Large Companies

In 2013 we predict that there will be more companies utilizing SMS marketing than every before. It’s incredibly powerful, very cost effective, and it’s fun for your customers to get deals right on their cellphones… all provided they opted in for them of course. We are now starting to see more and more main stream corporations adopting SMS as a core marketing stream as well. Here are 10 examples of companies you know that are leveraging SMS marketing


Abercrombie & Fitch using SMS marketing to drive clothing sales…

Abercrombie sms marketing


Hollister & Guess are both now using SMS marketing to reach their customers…

Holister SMS marketing

guess jeans sms marketing


Office Max is using SMS marketing to send out customer notifications and specials…

office max sms marketing


Redbox builds their SMS marketing lists at each vending machine and sends occasional coupons…

redbox sms marketing


Pizza Hut & Papa Johns both send SMS marketing messages to customers offering them special coupons…

pizza hut sms marketing

pappa johns sms marketing


Journey’s shoe and accessory store uses SMS marketing for mobile coupons just like Abercrombie and Hollister…

journeys sms marketing


Sears uses SMS marketing to alert their customers about special sales and promotions…

sears sms marketing

Victoria’s Secret sends all their ladies bi-monthly SMS coupons to use in stores and online…

victoria secret sms marketing


As you can see SMS marketing is here to stay and it’s now easier than ever to get started for your businesses. SlickText.com offers the easiest-to-use website in the industry. We have great prices and we’re always here to help! Sign up for our free plan today and give it a test drive for yourself!

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