Top Text Marketing Uses & Benefits For Nightclubs

Nightclub Text Marketing2013 will be the biggest year for text marketing in most industries, especially with nightclubs. Club owners are finding that text messages are the most effective way to bring traffic in the door and directly increase their revenue. With that being said, here’s a solid list of text marketing uses and benefits for nightclubs and Bars…


Top text marketing uses for nightclubs…

  1. Make you’re customers market for you (customers share/forward/post text message coupons and specials)
  2. Food and drink specials
  3. Mobile Coupons
  4. Promotional “Buy One Get One” events
  5. Upcoming event reminders
  6. Free cover charge offers
  7. Reservations reminders
  8. Staff communications


Text marketing benefits for nightclubs

  1. Time saving
  2. Decrease advertising cost (highest return on investment)
  3. Increased foot traffic in your store/restaurant on slow days
  4. Increase sales and customers
  5. Boost customer awareness
  6. Rewards regular customers while gaining new ones
  7. Establishes a personal relationship with the customer
  8. No wait time to market to your customers
  9. Extremely fast and easy
  10. Ultimate reach and read rate (almost 100%)
  11. Viewed as a environmental conscious business by your customers
  12. A percentage of customers will market for you (share/forward)


Benefits for nightclub customers

  1. They will receive Discounts via mobile phone
  2. They stay in the loop with your business
  3. It’s easy and fast communication to your customers
  4. They can receive instant mobile coupons at optimal times
  5. Customers wont feel forgotten (missing a special because of poor marketing)

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