Why Incentives in Text Marketing Are So Important

Text Marketing IncentivesText message marketing is starting to become a mainstream, must-have, marketing component in every businesses advertising arsenal. Small business owners have begun to realized the value it brings to the table but must understand how to be the most successful with it. We know that “reach” is an extremely important part of any marketing strategy as it’s no good unless your ads or promos are landing in front of potential customers. The same is just as valid with text message marketing. How well text marketing works for you, starts with how many of your customers your reaching with it.

Just like email, print and other forms of opt-in marketing, text marketing will be no good to a business or organization unless there is a solid list of customers to market to. That’s why the “incentive” is so important. What will your customers get in return for joining your text list? Remember, text marketing is 100% permission based. Your customers have to say “Yes, I will opt-in to hear what your business has to tell me”. How do you get that kind of reaction from your customers? You do it by offering them something of value.

Without that incentive, or “hook”, your customers will be much less inspired to join your list and thus, renders your mobile marketing efforts much less effective. If they are going the extra mile for you to stop and listen to what your business has to say, and whenever you want, you must reciprocate by offering them something free or of solid value to help inspire them to subscribe.

For example, it’s very common for restaurants to offer a free appetizer with the purchase of an entree when their customers join their list. Nightclubs will offer a free cover charge when someone joins. Think of what you can offer customers in your particular industry that will inspire them to sign up. That little freebie that you offer allows you to market to a current customer that is very likely to come back again.

The quality of an incentive for signing up is vital to any text message marketing strategy. Make sure you’re providing real value to your customers and watch your list grow the way it should be!

Be sure to check out our podcast entitled “How to grow your text marketing list” to get some other great ideas on how to opt your best customers into your text marketing program.

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