5 Reasons Why Text Marketing is Great Way to Combat Slow Days

5 Reasons Why Text Marketing is Great Way to Combat Slow Days

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Many business owners often find themselves wondering whether or not their marketing is having any impact on revenue. Especially during periods where business is slow, the topic of marketing and advertising can be incredibly frustrating.

Most proprietors in today’s world will tell you they’re growing more and more tired of the lack of response they’re seeing from traditional marketing avenues such as newspaper, phone book, and radio. Here are five reasons why text marketing is the perfect ailment to help relieve the stress that is brought on by those slow days.


1.) It’s a direct response tool.

With text marketing, your customers can respond instantly to the offers that you send them. This is great for tough times not only because you can spark some needed traffic right when it’s most needed, but it also allows you to measure what offers and marketing messages are working and which ones aren’t. If your text promotions are set up to directly generate revenue, it will be easy to track what’s working and what’s not.


2.) It’s very measureable.

With text marketing, your customers respond in a very timely fashion, especially if you create a sense of urgency within your texts. This will allow you to see what’s working and what’s not within your business’s circles. Once you learn what types of messages are working, they are easily replicated to achieve similar results!


3.) When done correctly, it’s extremely relevant.

When you offer your customers something of value and do so when it’s needed, they will just love you! During these economically rough times, people are trying to save money and if you can conveniently offer them a valuable deal right to their cell phone, you both will win.


4.) No form of marketing is quicker.

There is no quicker avenue for marketing than through text messaging. This allows you to run “flash” sales giving you the boost you need, exactly when you need it.

An example of a text message in this capacity might look like this: “We’re running a secret sale today only from 5 – 9 PM. Show this text and get 25% off your entire purchase!”

That message will land in the hands of your subscribers instantly and will be a motivator for them to get in your store and purchase what they need.


5.) Text Marketing is inexpensive.

Compared to other forms of traditional marketing, text marketing is incredibly inexpensive.  The average business owner can purchase a text marketing plan for around $29/ month. Most business won’t outgrow their need to spend any more than $100 – $120 per month over the course of their lifetimes. If you compare that to traditional newspaper or radio, you’ll find that with just a bit of effort, you’ll see a much greater ROI.

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