3 Ways Bars Can Use Text Marketing to Increase Revenue

Text Marketing For BarsText marketing is becoming a cornerstone component of many bars’ marketing strategies. It’s incredibly powerful because it drives traffic instantly, and is very cost effective. When used correctly, bars can significantly increase their revenue with a minimal amount of effort simply by sending out a text promotion that sparks the interest of their customers. This article will briefly review 3 different ways that bars can utilize text marketing to increase their revenue.

1.) Sending out mobile coupons. This one is probably the most common. Most companies have Facebook or Twitter accounts to spread the word about specials going on within your bar but the issues lies with the percentage of people that actually see what you post in their news feeds. They say that only 12% of people will see the promotion that you post on Facebook at any given time, even if it’s at an optimal time of day. Compare this to a text marketing messages now. 97% of the customers on your text list will read your promo within the first 5 minutes! It’s proven to be substantially more powerful than any other social network out there today!


2.) Blasting out event reminders. Because text marketing messages are read by EVERYONE, you can be sure that they all will know what’s going on at your bar on any given night. Facebook event invites have become spammy and ignored a significant amount of the time. If you know you’re throwing a special event at your bar next weekend, schedule a text message to go out the day before letting everyone know to come by! Throw in a buy one get one free drink deal to entice them just a little bit more!


3.) Bring a friend deals. Many bars are capitalizing on “bring a friend” promotions. Hey, 2 bar stools taken are way better than one right? You could send out a mass text saying that if your customers bring a friend, they both get 1/2 off select drinks. That’s just one idea. Get creative. You know your customers better than anyone else. Offer them something that resonates with them and let them know to bring their friends in order to get the deal. You’ll most likely see a couple new faces and are sure to grow your text marketing list that very night!


These are just a few ways that you can use text marketing to increase revenue for you bar. Check out www.SlickText.com to learn more and sign up for a FREE trial to see how it works for you!


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