4 Ways Text Marketing Helps to Grow the Nightclub Industry

4 Ways Text Marketing Helps to Grow the Nightclub Industry

Text Marketing for Night Clubs

With the amount of advertising clutter in the world today, people have become really good at filtering out the unwanted noise. This forces club owners to push their limits on things like their club’s messaging, flyers, and other types of advertisements that they put out. What the nightclub industry is really starting to get a grip on though is a concept called “permission marketing“. The basic concept behind this incredible theory is that instead of doing whatever you can to get your customer’s attention,  your true customers volunteer to be marketed to and this principal is at the very core of text marketing. If you’re not familiar with text marketing you can visit our “how it works” page to learn more.


So here are 4 ways text marketing is helping to grow the nightclub industry…

1.) It drives instantaneous traffic. 97% of text messages are read in the first 5 minutes. Think about how powerful that is. Now put yourself in a bar/club setting around midnight. You’re wondering why the club next door has 4 times as many people inside as your place does. Moving the party to your home turf becomes MUCH easier when you can walk over to your computer and with just a few clicks, land a drink special in the hands of hundreds or thousands of people downtown. Watch the traffic flow in.

2.) It’s an excellent tool for event reminders. Need I say more? Ok, I will… How many times have you actually payed any attention to the Facebook events that you somehow find yourself getting invited to? Ummmm.. never? I know I always find myself saying, after the fact, “Oh that was this past weekend???”. With text marketing, you can schedule event reminders in advance so all your followers won’t miss the next big night at your club.

3.) It helps you to establish a relationship with your customers. Text messaging is such a personal form of communication. It really means a lot when someone allows a business or brand to communicate via that type of medium. With that being said, make sure you’re marketing messages are geared to sound more like a friend to friend conversation and find yourself getting closer with your customers.

4.) Text marketing is a direct driver of revenue for nightclubs. let’s say it’s a Friday evening around 5 PM. You decide to fire out a text coupon to your list of subscribers offering them BOGO shots. Watch and see how many people come to claim their text coupons. They say the average mobile coupon is redeemed 25% of the time. That’s extremely high compared to other forms of marketing. Also, do you think they are just going to cash in on shots all night? Nope! They need a beer in hand to walk around with. The text coupon just gets them in the door!Text Marketing for Night Clubs 2


There are several other ways nightclubs and bars can leverage text marketing to build there business. Listed here are just a mere handful. To learn more about text marketing for nightclubs and bars visit our Text Marketing Benefits page for that industry.


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